The main objective of any protective clothing is to make you feel safe, but most people do not wear it by complaining that it is not comfortable and it is not easy to wear them in public. At the same time, many people believe that these kevlar vests are heavy and make them feel burdened with them and lastly, some people say that they do not want to wear a bulletproof jacket or kevlar vests because they believe that it does not suit their body and do not go as a perfect fit.

To answer all these complaints, first of all, people need to understand that people are still withdrawn from their own safety and protection and do not understand or address its importance.

And secondly, there are many good body armors and shields available in the market which are mainly designed for everyday use and comfort, keeping in mind the basic necessities of body armor or kevlar lightweight bulletproof vests.

To suggest you, you should definitely try AGShield. They have designed the worlds’ #1 concealable everyday use bulletproof jackets, and vests made up of anti-ballistic material which can withstand any blow, hit, cut, slash, stab, or damage.

And yes, before you may ask, these kevlar vests come in all sizes, shapes, and body types with adjustable straps to ensure no bulging while wearing them.

It doesn’t matter which gender, size, or shape you belong to. These are designed and manufactured, keeping the mindset of protection and safety at first coupled with comfort and authentic material. Again these are manufactured in the US and are tested with NIJ IIIA standards with the capacity to neutralize the pressure up to 300lb.


No, these vests are not highly expensive, and you can easily afford them if you are looking for something to protect you from anything that comes your way. We must stress this fact because many of us live in shady localities and have to go home late through dark streets and deserted areas. People who think they will afford it think of these kevlar vests as a one-time investment for your safety and protection.

We are living in modern times, and it becomes highly evident to address topics like self-care and protection; with the right mindset and use of the right things, we can change that together; who knows the next person who meets you, your neighbor or friend is in dire need of something like these and is struggling every day not being able to communicate about it to you and sees you wearing a bulletproof Kevlar vests gets inspired by you and buy the same themselves and for their family.

Every family has girls and women in them, and if you ask them, they will share with you some of the scariest incidents of everyday problems they go through due to the lack of fewer protection methods and having no one to rely on. This needs to change immediately.

In other situations, these jackets are a natural gift and blessing for people who live alone and always like to be alert and guarded. Yes, you may choose to wear them to bed as well, they are that much comfortable.

Most importantly, if you still feel that you may not need something like a bulletproof jacket right now, there are so many people in our lives for whom we care and know that they are going through the problems we discussed. It can be a family member, colleague, siblings, friends, and loved ones, and you may surely tell them about these kevlar vests and jackets, or even better, gift them.

Make the right choice, and best of luck.