We all need a vacation. It doesn’t if it’s been a year or a week since we last took one. We can all reap the benefits of some rest and relaxation. Sometimes we don’t have all the time in the world to go on some three month holiday to Marrakech. Sometimes all we have is a weekend. That’s perfect. Even a weekend getaway is enough to recharge the soul and get us back on track with some freshness and pep in our step. Before we go out that door, though, there are some essentials that we need to remember to pack.

Your Beach Essentials

Pack a swimsuit. Having one on hand takes up such little space. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think you’ll get into the water. Odds are that you’ll most likely get into some water on a weekend adventure. Just throw it in a tote bag with the rest of your essentials (don’t forget the sunscreen!) and be on your way. If you don’t have a tote for your next trip, there are virtually endless options to choose from, and it is wise to select one that matches your outfits. Make sure that you bring everything you need to feel comfortable under the sun.

Buri Hat and Shades

Shades and a buri hat. This is a weekend getaway. Sometimes you want to be anonymous. If you live in a place where people tend to recognize each other, this is a perfect time to go undercover with some Jackie O shades and a big, floppy buri hat. Even if people do recognize you, who cares? It’s your time to be free from the responsibilities of the office and life, in general.


When you’re on a weekend getaway, always bring cash. Using a card is cool and all, but having cash means you can make spontaneous decisions anywhere you want. Feeling like treating yourself to a fancy dinner? Cash is always accepted. Fun little trinkets by the beach? Cash is king. Whatever it is you need, you can get by with some sweet bills. Always keep some on hand just for the fun of it.

Your Beach Essentials

A Planner

As much as it may be a bit of a bummer, bring your planner. Yes, it has all the work stuff in it that you’re trying to avoid, but having it on hand makes it easier to answer any questions you may have to remember the answers to when your boss asks. It’s like a little cheat sheet for the out and about. When you have to report back to whoever you report back to, it’ll be like you never left at all. Your coworkers, if you don’t say anything, will be none the wiser. It’s like your own little secret.

Again, we all need a weekend getaway. We spend so much time in offices and behind desks that we forget what it’s like to have nothing to do. Even our weekends are full of chores and laundry. Some days we just need to turn off the phone, get up, and go where our heart takes us.