There is no limit to the number of fashion trends that keep emerging in the modern world. However, let’s say that necklaces are a few things that can never go out of style. Of course, there is a fair possibility that some become the hot topic of the town, while others do not, and that is why we are here! This Fall and Winter season, with, immerse yourself in a fashionable, trendy ride by wearing the top 5 necklaces that have become an iconic staple in the fashion industry.


Necklace #1: The Figaro Chains

Classic, simple, sophisticated, and elegant – these are a few adjectives that resonate with us when we discuss these chains. The chain patterns follow a series of shorter links, which are ultimately flattened via a twist. It gets its fancy name from Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro and has indeed been labeled as one of the strongest link chains out there. From pulling to tugging, it can withstand anything and is ideal for lending support to heavy pendants.

Some pieces under the Figaro Chain include the Hollow 10k Gold, 5.5 mm wide for Men, the LUXURMAN Solid 10k Gold, and the LUXURMAN Solid 14k Gold. Feel free to explore more of these fascinating chain styles at ItsHot.

Necklace #2: Franco Chains

A unique-looking chain whose name originated courtesy of its designer, these chains comprise traditional curb pattern links. The only difference is that they have a thicker pattern and are seen to be a little dense to wear.

This is indeed the specialty of these chains, and during the Winter season, we warrant that you will be amplifying your styling game to a whole new level with these chains. They look good with turtlenecks, denim jackets, and long coats! Be it any occasion, they have got you covered.

A few bestsellers of ours are inclusive of the Solid Gold Franco Chain available in 3.5mm and plated with 14k of Gold. Another item to behold is the White Yellow 14K Thin Franco Chain up to 1mm 18″. If you are aching to find cool Franco chains made of real Gold, then ItsHot.Com is your Captain Underpants, minus the red cape!

Necklace #3: Cable Link Chains

Becoming one of the most popular Gold necklaces chain styles to have hit the market, they have been around for a long time! Practical, easy to wear, and scratch-resistant. The following are only a few features that these exotic chains boast.

If you want to scour for chains that are renowned for their durability, texture, and endow you with an aesthetic sense unlike any other, then these chains are the best option for you!

Some flattering and cool designs that have currently been making the headlines for all you gents out there include the LUXURMAN Solid 14k Cable Chain made of Gold, which is up to 2mm wide, and the LUXURMAN Solid 14k Gold Cable design chain that is 1.5mm wide.

Necklace #4: Cuban Link Chains

If you further delve into the world of outclassing chain styles, then get on the Parisian youth wear look by wearing Cuban Link Chains. They are highly decorative items with a twisted rope pattern, which has been carefully modeled after taking due account of Italian craftsmanship. These necklaces are available in both states, and subtle pieces, depending on what you are opting for.

If you ask us, then Kanye West is a profound advocate of these chains, and that is evident through the way he incorporates them with nearly all of his outfits. It ain’t a Kanye West for you without a drizzle of Cuban Link Chains!

Some mandatory chains that are worthy of having a name of their own in your closets entail the 1 Kilo Inch Wide Cuban Link in 14K, with 60 carats of diamonds. Another eye-catching item is the Diamond Cuban Link Chain in 15 carats of genuine Gold, up to 14K of Gold, and 12mm Wide.

Necklace #5: Rope Chains

This rope became the hype during the surging popularity of the MTV raps in the late 1970s ad 80s. They are associated with providing you with a hip-hop look and feel and have made their way into the jewelry shelves of many hip-hop artists throughout the world.

The chains are sturdy yet a classic item to behold and are available in a range of colors, lengths, and widths for you to choose from.

Some of the favorites that have attracted us, as well as a bunch of other people, are the 10K Gold Rope ¾ Hip-Hop chain, the 10K Gold Rope Chain available in 2mm wide, along with the LUXURMAN Solid 10K Gold Rope with a Diamond Cut in 2mm.

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