How important is the tie to a man’s wardrobe? Some men don’t want to be confined to the traditional, but there’s something about a tie’s ability to put a look together that you can’t ignore. Certainly, you can leave them in the closet some days, but make sure they are there in case you need them.

Despite the rising popularity of athleisure and other Instagram-worthy styles, suit-wearing is still going strong. And that means ties aren’t going to fade into history any time soon.

Today, we’ll be going over the true purpose of a man’s tie so that you’ll know for sure if these accessories have a place in your wardrobe. On that note, you might also want to check out Stylish Alpha for some great men’s fashion advice.


6 Reasons To Wear a Tie

You may have your own reasons for not letting go of the tie (and why should you?), but here are some of the most important ones:

1. History

Whenever we think of the necktie in reference to the past, we always think of nobles, aristocrats, and the like. Back in the 17th century, these ties came in the form of neckerchiefs worn by Croatian noblemen serving French loyalty. The ties served as symbols of high position and strong alliances.

The supreme monarch of France back in the day wore different types of neckwear as status-style pieces. It gave him the presence needed to command respect and adoration.

2. Confidence

You’d be hard-pressed to find a fashion item as confidence-boosting as a tie. There’s something about it that makes you seem capable and so sure of yourself. Similar to how a pair of glasses give you that smart appearance, a stylish necktie makes you appear capable and influential. This tends to make people treat you with respect, which is something you can use to build confidence.

3. Career

Many associate ties with a good career. If you wear designer suits and ties, you must have a good job, right? Not necessarily, although that does happen to be the case most of the time. More accurately, ties add an element of professionalism to your look.

Even when your job doesn’t really call for it, wearing a tie shows you’re making an effort. And there’s nothing superiors appreciate more than an employee who’s keen on looking and doing their best for the company.

You can even level up your presentation by going for a trendy tie, such as a skinny tie, rather than a classic one. Another thing companies love? Being current, and that’s exactly what a skinny tie depicts.

4. Looks

While it’s true that life isn’t all about looks, you will still find that looks can take you places other qualities can’t. The fact is, the way you are on the outside matters almost as much as how you are on the inside. And if you’re in an industry that operates based on the superficial, you certainly can’t overlook the importance of looking good.

A tie is an accessory that can contribute immensely to your appearance. As tiny and insignificant as this fashion item may seem, it can influence how your superiors and colleagues view you.

When you wear a tie, you will look sharp and impressive. A necktie selected carefully can help you achieve an individual style that is unique to your personality. Also, bow ties for men expresses great class. Whether you like it or not, things can get done faster when you look the part.

5. Effort

One would hardly expect an accessory as small as a tie to signify the huge effort an individual has made towards their life or career. A stylish tie that puts your CEO look together so effortlessly can demand the respect of legions. This symbol of power associated with ties dates back hundreds of years when ties used to symbolize power and influence.

6. Individual Fashion Sense

In today’s modern world of fashion, the use of ties is not just limited to the formal or professional scene. You can wear ties to a friend’s party or as an everyday office look, and no one would think twice about it being a poor fashion choice. Of course, that is as long as a careful selection was involved.

If your unique look and personality call for the addition of ties, there is no one stopping you from wearing one. What’s great about fashion is that it sometimes allows you to forego the rules and put your personal interests first.

Why You Can’t NOT Have a Tie


Even if you think a tie has no place in your wardrobe right now, there will eventually come a time when it will. Whether it is a special work event, job interview, professional meeting, or a big date, you will find that a tie can level up your presence and help things turn out in your favor.