Natural makeup is something everyone craves; makeup palette without unhealthy preservatives and low-quality ingredients that damage your body. With natural makeup comes a great mix of beauty and health, which is hard to come by nowadays.

The makeup industry is full of such products that irritate your skin, so you go to the doctor, change products in vain, and hope to find one that suits you completely. This will no longer be a problem because we are here today to explain everything you need to know about natural makeup.

Say goodbye to irritating ingredients and additives like parabens, chemical dyes, fragrance, and oils, as the organic makeup does not know about those unwanted chemicals. It is perfect for all those sensitive women that can’t wear makeup from drug stores because of those problems. It is then when they switch to organic makeup; they actually begin wearing makeup with confidence.


Now that you’ve got the idea of why it is essential to use organic makeup, we will show you all the things you should know about it, for better or worse.

Greater awareness

Even tho natural makeup has healthy and organic ingredients; it is not suitable for everyone. Every woman’s body reacts differently to every ingredient, so it is not enough of you to read the label.

Many companies today label their products as “natural” but have a lack of real organic ingredients. That is legal because they have the freedom to label “natural” what they think is natural but lack the elements that prove just that. The way you know this is merely educating yourself more or contacting a doctor to tell you if that is good for you. Know your body and try a few products to find that perfect one that suits you right.


Contributing to a health movement

Using natural makeup, you are making money for the makeup industry, precisely those kinds of industries that really produce natural products and want to make a change in people’s lives. You are encouraging them to grow and providing them visibility to a wide arrange of audiences. One of the great examples of a quality organic makeup store is Ethni Beauty Market.

On the other hand, this is a perfect way to conquer the lousy makeup stores that are falsely labeling their products for being natural, just to take your money. When you buy from great-quality stores, the false ones come in the second plan and won’t have nearly as much profit.

The Cost

Natural products tend to be more expensive than regular makeup. The reason behind that is that they use high-quality ingredients and no fillers. Also, natural products have limited bottles and are made in smaller quantities.

If you think of getting in the natural makeup waters, consider spending a higher amount of money on it. After all, you are still deciding what you will put on your face and skin, so this investment will not be in vain, and you will not regret it.


If you’re thinking of buying natural products and storing them on the shelf for a long time, we have bad news for you. One of the flaws of natural products is that their lifespan is not as long as regular products. That is not necessarily a bad thing because preservatives in standard products are responsible for longevity.


The makeup industry is very similar to the food industry. You know when some fruit or vegetable has a long life-span, that they have additives that prevent them from rotting, thus making it more unhealthy for consumers. The same thing goes for makeup products. As natural makeup lacks synthetic ingredients, it can’t be stored for a long time. Our advice for you is to buy only the amount of bottles you need to prevent those things from happening.


Simpleness is what makes this kind of makeup so unique and widespread. Natural makeup is there to improve your strengths, not to hide your flaws. It is not complicated and focuses on three items: lips, face, and eyes. It takes little effort to look fabulous.

Being fabulous in a subtle way is where natural makeup is the strongest. Say goodbye to long and stressful makeup routines that take away hours and hours of your day. This routine will make a drastic change in your life, both mentally and physically.