Have you ever considered that you can save way more money by growing your fruits and vegetables in your backyard? In recent times, with COVID-19 still rampant on the streets, going out is such an unworthy risk. It is still much safer to stay at home all the time.

Planting fruits and vegetables would prove quite tricky at first, but with the proper preparation and guidance, one can get the hang of it in no time. Aside from the unparalleled satisfaction planting gives, the following fruits and vegetables would offer wealth that every person wants: wealth in health.


There are different types of melons that you can grow: Cantaloupe, Muskmelon, Watermelon, and many more. Choose whatever one feels and loves. Indeed, all melons are delicious and nutritious, quite a great combo, to be honest.

Sunshine Down on Melons

A secret to making high-quality melons is giving them lots and lots of sunshine. Make sure to plant them in warm soils, water them most of the time and make sure they are free from insects that could harm them and disrupt their growth.

Melon, Melon, Healthy Melons!

If one wants to find the best-tasting and most nutritious melons to plant, Cantaloupe and Honeydew melons are the most recommended ones. Melons contain Vitamins C, K, and B6, Potassium, Copper, etc. Thus, eating them would surely make your body strong, hydrated, and energetic.

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A potato’s covering may not be appealing to everyone, but they are an excellent source of nutrients to strengthen a person’s body. They are easy to grow and an excellent alternative to grains and beans. More importantly, one can add and turn it into different mouthwatering recipes.

Minimal Effort

One thing about growing potatoes is that it requires minimal effort and attention. It is pretty fun to grow, particularly in February and March. It requires just about ten (10) to twenty (20) weeks before one can harvest them. One only needs to remember to water them constantly. There’s no need for a fancy and expensive machine.

Grow in Limited Space

What is good about this vegetable is that one can grow them quite quickly everywhere. Potatoes only need very little space if you plant them on land. In reality, though, one can plant them in as simple as a cardboard box, a plastic container, even in buckets of fried chicken you obtained in a fast-food restaurant!


A person on a diet will inevitably, most of the time, include lettuce on their menu. It’s healthy, not heavy inside the stomach but makes the person feel full after eating a bowl of it. Lettuce is a great food to have on snack time.

Yummy Salad

Most people know that lettuce is perfect for adding in a salad mix. It’s mouthwatering, especially if it’s crunchy and insect-free. Imagine having the privilege of just going out to your backyard to harvest fresh lettuces to eat; well, you can always go ahead and start planting now.

Chill Harvest

One can expect a very chill experience in harvesting lettuce. A pair of scissors and ziplock or a lettuce container would be enough to harvest it. Of course, do not forget to wash the fresh green leafy vegetables before eating them.

Do Fruits and Vegetables Stay Fresh in Corrugated Boxes? 2

Green Beans

For beginner gardeners, planting green beans can be very reassuring. It just takes around eight (8) to ten (10) days for it to germinate. Just give them lots of sunlight and water, and they are good to go.

Belly fats, No more!

Did you know that green beans are rich in soluble fibers? This nutrient helps fight inflammation that usually causes fats to accumulate in the belly. Partner this with the right amount of exercise; one will get their dream body in no time.

Versatile Veggie

There are many ways on how to cook this versatile legume. It is up to the creativity and appetite of an individual on which recipe to follow. One can over roast them, saute them with garlic and butter, or even stir-fry them with other veggies!


This might be the most challenging plant to grow on this list. Growing an apple tree can be quite tricky since it is prone to insect and disease problems. But it is worth considering having one in your backyard. After all, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”, right? Well, at least every summer.

Sturdy Air Cleaner

Trees, in general, are great air cleaners. They absorb carbon emissions in the air to help mother earth heal its atmosphere. Contributing to that effort and planting an apple tree would not just give you a healthy snack but also provide you cleaner air to breathe in.

Do Fruits and Vegetables Stay Fresh in Corrugated Boxes? 2


At present, it is far better to have your resources readily accessible to you at any given time. Going out will never be worth it anymore since one would risk their health and life. Planting all sorts of fruits and vegetables would not hurt to try. It can be fun, healthy, and super satisfying.

These plants would surely satisfy one’s craving and appetite because of their naturally appealing flavor. Also, the overall health of those living with you would improve given that you are all eating healthy and breathing in healthy air.