We must admit that selecting the correct type of coffee beans may be a little overwhelming. This is because there are a lot of brewing methods, flavor profiles, and different origins. If you wish to make the best cup at home, you should have many options. But whatever you do, realize that it all boils down to what you want and the type of beans you choose.

From region to roast and grind to variety, different factors can help you shop for organic coffee products you will love, whether you decide to buy them online or feel like visiting a grocery store.

The choice of organic coffee ensures you’re selecting a product that’s not only rich in flavor but also kind to the environment, offering a guilt-free pleasure from bean to cup. The first question is;

What are the Different Types of Coffee Beans?

Just as there are varieties of wine grapes, there are also varieties of this commodity. To make the long list pretty short, the coffee industry has chosen to classify them into two distinct classes;


These products are grown in harsher climatic conditions with little water, making them more economical to produce. This also means that they have a more bitter and acidic flavor. It is not the popular choice amongst drinkers. This link https://perfectdailygrind.com/2019/10/can-fine-robusta-be-considered-quality-coffee/ has more on the effectiveness of Robusta brand of coffee.


This one has low acidity and a delicious taste. It is found in practically any shop that sells cups. Buy Arabica coffee beans if you want a unique flavor and ease of drinking.

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How Does One Shop for the Best Coffee Beans?

You do not have to be the best coffee enthusiast in the world, but there are some simple coffee information every drinker should consider when  you choose some coffee shopping for these products;

Geographical Origin

The origin of this commodity is significant. Not only does it sound cool saying your cup is made from ingredients found anywhere, but because the elevation and climate have a role to play in its taste.
• Coffee from South and Central America is sweet and clean. They tend to have a balanced and light taste. Just like others, they come with unique flavors.

• Coffee from Africa can have different flavors. Some are chocolatey; others are spicy. Others may taste wine-like or citrus-like.

• Coffee from Asia is known to have a rich and earthly taste. They can make cups that are dark and smooth, with a few flowery undertones. They may be a little challenging to find, but when you see them, you will be glad you did.

Depending on your favorite flavor, you can always experiment with all the single-origin products and appreciate their great taste.

Brewing and Roast Type

Coffee beans can always be roasted in different ways to give unique tastes. There are three major ways they can be roasted;
• Light Roast: This process produces low acidity and low body.

• Medium Roast: This process produces increased body and medium acidity.

• Dark Roast: This process may increase the body and decrease the flavor. Contrary to what most people believe, dark roasts are not always stronger than their lighter counterparts. However, they give a more consistent feeling and taste.

• Espresso Roasts: This process produces a rich and aromatic taste.

• Filter Roasts: For those who prefer French Press or Pour-over, you might want to try this method as it would ensure a flavorful and traditional taste.

• Micro Roasting: This process gives a quality of flavor that is not easily matched by commercial roasters. It ensures higher quality and better taste.

The way these products are being roasted is unique to how they would be brewed for the final taste. How they are brewed is a significant determinant of their last taste. You can check here for more on coffee brewing.

Single Blends and Origin

Single-origin usually gives the idea of how coffee from different locations tastes like. What most coffee makers and shops do is blend beans from various locations to produce uniquely balanced flavors. It is always advisable to go with single blends, know your taste, and then you can now try blends.

Beans Form

You may have found that perfect flavor, but does it come in the form you like? If you prefer to grind your seeds before making fresh cups, you can always go with whole bean coffee. But if you do not want to stress, ground coffee might be a better choice.


Final Note

There may be other considerations like its brewing methods and whether it is organic or not, but following the tips listed above, you have your little handbook on how to get the best cup.

Take it and visit a grocery store; enjoy your cup and remember to share with friends and family.