Do you own an ECommerce business? Do you have your roots set firm in a retail business? No matter what kind of business or shop you run, you will need to solve the issues about packaging boxes. Also, have you ever seen the trend of unboxing videos on YouTube? It all just goes to show that be it apparel packaging bags, luxury apparel boxes, or gift and apparel boxes – packaging is crucial.

So as a brand, how do you solve the packaging issue along with making it look pretty for the camera and human appeal? Here’s how!

Understand what precisely a branded packaging experience is?

All in all, a branded packaging constitutes an experience where one is given a total experience of a thoughtfully selected packaging material that looks not only amazing and appealing but also can endure the wear and tear of shipping.

It is also kept in mind that these packages can be further used as storage boxes in case of things like luxury bags and luxury footwear, making sure that none of the luxury material is losing its value.

So yes, apparel packaging and luxury apparel boxes and even gift and apparel boxes will be discussed in this conversation.

Why does the branded packaging experience even matter?

Some of you and many old school dads might wonder why packaging experience even matters. “It’s just packaging,” some might say! But not really! A branded packaging experience creates a bridge between customers and brands, a long-term relationship.

A survey from back in 2016 has shown that about 40% of consumers are likely to make a repeated purchase as a result of the premium packaging.

It also indicates that the packaging one’s brand has made it look more upscale in standard than others with inferior packaging.

This is also why PR Packing has been taken to the next level with the help of all these influencers who review the packaging as well as the products, which of course, drives the sale of the products.

Here’s how you as a brand can create a fulfilling packaging experience:

  1. Packaging: Earlier, white and brown corrugated packages were considered as the best option for packaging as it came cheap, and was sturdy for shipping. But as they weren’t entirely appealing, they didn’t create an impressive first look. Now, the better option is to spend money on packaging and putting in the best creative work upfront to create a ‘wow’ moment upon examination.
  2. Tissue Paper: Adding tissue paper into the packaging can create a level of surprise and excitement by adding to the anticipation factor when it comes to unboxing the package.
  3. Filler: Fillers of different kinds not only keep the items in the package from breaking through the transportation process but also look really lovely when the box is opened. Earlier, the type of filler used was bubble wrap, although it wasn’t a truly appealing look.
  4. Stickers: Adding on a branded label on top of the tissues placed inside the package can help with adding value to the packaging. Plus, they are really inexpensive.
  5. Promotional Material: Putting in a slip of advertisement pamphlet or offer cards on the purchase of items above a level of the cost, could leave the customer feeling good. Adding in a business card or an instruction slip always adds to the appeal of the box.
  6. Custom Note: Apart from the payslip, laying personalized notes to the customer can help build a rapport with them, making them feel like one in a million and extremely special – driving up the sales.
  7. Tape: Apart from using clear tape to cover up the edges of the package, you could also go with apes with branding on it, it provides a genuine feel to the product.
  8. Sample or Gift: Based on the customer’s latest purchase or their entire purchase history, it would be a good idea to place free gift samples that, if loved, could lead the customer to purchase full-size packages soon.

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When it comes to creating a memorable unboxing experience for the customers’ with the use of apparel packaging boxes, luxury apparel boxes or gift, and apparel boxes. These are few things to keep in mind to get the best use of packaging and public appeal, while creating a loyal customer base.