A home office is a dream come true for many. Who wouldn’t want to replace their work clothes with their PJs and their office with their comfy bed? Of course, working from home brings many challenges with it as you come to realize that you’re much more productive in your actual office. Fen Shui can help you achieve a balance in your home and harness productive energy that helps you get things done on time. Here’s how you can make your home office shine with a little Feng Shui.

1. Choose the location wisely

Location is one of the most important factors of Feng Shui. It should be used as a guideline for your home and point you in the right direction of where to set up your home office. As advised by Feng Shui Masters in Singapore, for starters, stay as far away from your bedroom as possible. It’s ideal to have a separate entrance to the home office completely, but this is only possible if the layout of the house allows it.

Home Office

In cases where the layout doesn’t allow this, you can create clear borders between your office area and your bedroom. This will help you sustain good home office energy and keep you productive.

2. Pay attention to the light and air

The quality of air and light is very important for your home office. You can’t have your brain starving for oxygen as this will hinder your productivity and make it harder to focus on the tasks at hand. Getting enough natural light is essential for your body to feel energized and alive. Regardless of how passionate you are about your job, you won’t be able to get any work done without these two things.

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You can invest in air0puryfing office plants, as this will rejuvenate the energy in your workspace. As well as that, it will also refresh your own energy. As far as the lights are concerned, you can always add full-spectrum lights.

3. De-clutter

The organization is one of the most important factors of feng shui. The number of sessions you need to clean up and de-clutter is completely up to you, but the home office must be spotless. Clutter drains energy and makes your best intentions futile, so you need to create a clear system and forbid clutter from ruining your business and your health.

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The best ways to keep the office clean and de-cluttered is by setting up a special day for it in the calendar. The energy and enthusiasm you have after cleaning day may even take you by surprise but will definitely convince you of the power of Feng Shui. The most important thing is not to skip these cleaning days and just think about de-cluttering. You actually have to do it in order for the effects to take hold. You have to learn how to declutter your home wisely.

4. Place your desk in the Southeast area

The Southeast area of your home office represents prosperity and abundance. The main element to work here is wood, which is why this is the perfect area for your desk. The current coronavirus situation is the perfect time to find wooden desks online and order them for your new office. It’s generally advised to put images that remind you of money and abundance in this area, too.

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What reminds you more of money and abundance than working at your new and special desk? One thing you should avoid in this area is fire. The energies simply won’t work together. Reserve the fire images for the South area of the home office, as this is your fame and reputation area.

Another tip is to position your desk in a commanding position, as this will attract success. Don’t have your back to the door, and make sure your desk isn’t aligned to the door and that it’s far from it.

5. Use your North Area for water images

Another important area for Feng Shui is the North, as this is your career and path in life. The element you should be working with here is water, as well as metal. This means that you should fill the area with images of water and a little bit of metal. Another thing to do in this area is to frame black and white pictures of your career.

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Make sure the pictures are inspiring, as this will help push the Feng Shui energy in the right direction and bring you more success in your career.


As you can see, Feng Shui can be very helpful when it comes to designing the perfect home office. If you do things just right, you’ll have an office that builds you up and enhances your productive and creative energy. After all, the Feng Shui tradition has been around for years, helping people everywhere be their best selves. Why shouldn’t it help you, too?