A collared shirt and a necktie is a mandatory dress code in many professions. A small segment of men believes that this neckwear is one of the irrelevant accessories. A necktie is more than an accessory and every man needs to keep his ties organized and wrinkles free. You can find online stores selling accessories for this neckwear itself such as tie bar, tie clip, tie tack, tie chain and tie strap.

organized ties

Many men love to maintain their own collection of neckties. When thoughtfully paired with a suit of the right style and color, a necktie can be a powerful resource to amplify your personality at the workplace or social gatherings. You get a way to show that you hold yourself to a higher standard. This small addition to your outfit adds trust and authority and makes you a snazzy dresser.

There are many occasions when a man wants to wear a tie. For this reason, many men love collecting ties of different styles, colors, and fabrics. As a necktie can easily add an element of style and authority to your outfit, it becomes a responsibility to give it the care it deserves while storing it in your closet. When it comes to storing neckties appropriately, there are two ways to go. You can either hang them on a neck and tie organizer or roll them loosely and store them in a drawer. Now, the choice of method depends on the type of space and number of ties. If you are keeping them in a drawer, use a divider to create multiple small spaces for your ties. Always untie the knot before storing it if you want to prevent wrinkles.

Hanging Ties in a Closet

A hanging tie and belt organizer is the most common type of tie rack for closets. Explore online stores and you will find a wide range of tie racks to choose from. You can buy tie racks for hanging from 8 to 44 neckties. However, you might have to repurpose some areas of your closet to organize a larger collection of ties.

Keeping Your Ties Wrinkle Free

Tie and belt organizers are designed to keep your ties wrinkles free in the closet. You can mount these racks to a vertical panel at a convenient height inside a closet. You can easily organize your ties next to your pants and shirts. A tie rack needs only about 3-inches of space in your closet. 14 inches and 18 inches are the other standard sizes. A 14-inch long organizer can hold about 15 ties and an 18-inch long organizer can hold 18 ties.

A spinning tie rack is another great option offering an effective way to organize your ties. This spinning rack allows you to hang up to 20 ties without wrinkles.

Storing Ties In A Drawer

In case you cannot find an ideal space for a rack in your closet, you can use a drawer to organize your ties. The number of ties you can store depends on the size of the drawer. You can use adjustable dividers to create dedicated small square spaces for your ties. Keep in mind that the height of the divider should be slightly greater than its width. To store them, you can roll your ties loosely and insert them into the drawer compartment.

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Avoid storing several ties in a larger compartment. This is not how to organize and keep your ties wrinkle-free. Depending on the size of your collection, you can use any number of drawers.

Though both methods for organizing ties can keep your ties organized and wrinkle-free, the first one is preferred. This method guarantees wrinkle-free tie storage. Tie and belt organizers come in different sizes and designs. So, you can choose the right one for your collection.