A king bed can be an ideal addition to your bedroom. You and your partner will have space to turn during sleep without having to fear squeezing. Regardless of your size, you won’t have to worry about space on your bed.

A king-size bed does come with its challenges. It may be too big to fit into your bedroom. More so, when you have a small bedroom, you may find that only the bed fits. It can be a bad idea as there are other essentials you need to include in the bedroom. Also, aesthetics can play a significant role when choosing the right bed for your bedroom. Below are the indications that your king bed is too big for your bedroom.


Doesn’t Allow for Walking Space

The bedroom is not only for sleeping. You need to access your wardrobe, bathroom, and watch your TV. However, when the king bed eats all the space in the bedroom, you won’t find it easy to move within the room. In addition, you need to have space on either side of the bed. Therefore, you and your partner can have an easy time leaving the bed without interfering with the other’s sleep.

If you decide to have the bed pushed to one wall, you want to have enough space in the different sizes to help with easy navigation. However, when the bed is too big, you will be limited of the space left for navigating the room.


Some king beds have drawers on their sides. These drawers can be used to keep essential items that you use every day. It should be easy to open these drawers. Meaning, the bed should leave enough space on the side where there is the drawer. If it has drawers on both sides, it would require even a bigger bedroom. When you realize that you are having a hard time accessing the drawers, then you’ll know that the bed is too big for the bedroom.

Natural Light Source

It would be best if you had your bedroom properly lit. Meaning, natural sources of light like windows shouldn’t be interfered with. However, having the bed against the window is not a good idea as the headboard will block the source of light. You’ll then have to spend more electricity to lighten the room, even during the day. Such will lead you to high power costs. Therefore, when you notice that the bed forces you to place it against the window and no any other angle, you’ll know that it is too big for the bedroom.

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Huge Headboard

A huge headboard can make the bedroom appear small. For king beds, they have a huge headboard that can consume a lot of space. Some beds cover only the mattress part. However, some will cover the two bedsides too. Such a big headboard can make it harder to fit on any wall in the bedroom, limiting your options. In addition, it can make it hard to arrange other things in the bedroom, including furniture.

No Space for Other Bedroom Furniture

When you talk of a bedroom, the bed is the first thing that comes to the mind of many. However, there is essential furniture you need to include in the bedroom. For instance, you can decide to have a TV stand, bedsides, dresser, and lampstand, and love sofa, closet, among many more. With the king bed covering most of the space, it can be hard to include these items. Even if you have this furniture, you can be left with limited space to navigate the room. On average, the bedroom should be 30 to 36 inches square, or 14 feet by 19 feet. It should be a red flag when the bed prevents you from including these items.

Essential Items Every Bedroom Must Have 1

Vents for Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling are important for the bedroom, just like any room in the house. During summer, it is hot, and you will need to have the AC cool the room. The vice versa applies to the winter. Therefore, these are vents in the bedroom that facilitate these processes. The bed shouldn’t cover these vents you are about to introduce in the room. When you find that the bed ends up covering these vents, you’ll know that it is too big for the bedroom.