It is arguably a known fact that a traditional camping trip goes between a couple of days to one to two weeks per time. However, some more adventurous person may desire to go on longer camping trips, which involves leaving their tent up for the duration of these extended trips or deciding to transform their tents into their homes for such lengthy periods.

If this sounds like the next adventurous thing to do on your bucket list or that of a loved one, then keep reading for the three most important things you should know to ensure you have a hitch-free all-year camping/living in your bell tent:

  • Weather and seasonal changes

Some people may choose to use their bell tents in certain seasons and not others. For instance, people often prefer to camp in the summer, others in the winter, and some others in autumn. But leaving your bell tent up all year is a different ball game, as your tent will be up through all four weather seasons, including spring.

Your bell tent may be damaged or under a lot of pressure from prolonged influence from the elements, except you take steps to protect it from elemental onslaught.

For instance, waterproofing just before the wet seasons and adding a tent fly for extra protection from the sun, rain, or snow.

  • Investing in a good tent

The quality and standard of bell tent you get for your year-round camping or glamping is essential to its performance for prolonged use at a time.

For instance, Tent materials like polyester are more durable for long use under severe weather conditions than fabrics like nylon, which is, although a good choice, too lightweight for long use at a time.

  • Rules and regulations

You may need planning permission and other legal authorisations and permits to set up your tents in certain public camping sites. Some authorities may not permit setting up all year round, while others may.

To ensure you do not get into trouble with the law and have your tent pulled down in the middle of your experience, get right with the necessary authorities and adhere to all planning instructions.

Summer Camps

Pro Tip: it is safer to leave your tent up all year in a permanent site where you have ample control, like your backyard, and not out in the wild where you are susceptible to danger.

Essentially, camping can go on extended for more than a few days or a few weeks at a time. Fortunately, some tents are built for this very purpose and come with extra durability and superior quality. However, living in your tent and keeping it up all year round is a big commitment that you should be prepared for before embarking on for the safety of your tent and your life. With the right tips, however, you can make this work.

By taking into consideration the factors on this list, you can keep up tents from Boho Bell Tent all year round with little to no setbacks. How do you care for your tents in regular usage?