With the whole thing happening around the globe today, from uprisings and pandemic situations to financial downfalls, it is evident that numerous individuals tend to live off the grid. Though this method has been known for many years, there has been a sudden increase in people willing to attempt it in recent periods.

But, if you consider living this way, you must create a perfect atmosphere that suits the living. With vast land and people surrounding you with similar interests, you can find the ideal atmosphere at sanctuaries like the Azhen Sanctuary. It is a place of 160-acre land, which helps you in purchasing the required amount of land for a living. You can also find suitable courses to prepare yourself for off-grid living.

A Complete Guide To Starting Your Preparation For Living Off-Grid

Since it is an unusual way of living where you will not have access to various resources and utilities, you should ensure that you can generate them on your own. Here is a complete guide to starting your preparation.


1.     Constructing Or Buying A House

If you know the skills and tools you need to construct an off-grid living, you can do most of it yourself. Else you will always have an opportunity to select pre-existing places.

If you are not entirely aware of this, you can attend workshops the Azhen Sanctuary conducts. They have designed a few courses that help you know your priorities and find a suitable place.

2.     Creating A Source For Water

Water is a basic need for any form of living across the world. You will require water for drinking, washing, cleaning, etc. However, as you live off the grid, you will need access to water sources. Hence, you need to create your water source.

Arranging water sources can be done by either of the two methods mentioned below.

a)     Well

The water drawn from the well will help cover drinking and farming needs. You can have the well on your own or take expert guidance in digging it.

b)     Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting involves a small process to follow systematically. Initially, you need to know whether rainwater harvesting systems are permitted in your area. If yes, you can arrange places like yards and store water in them.

You should be able to arrange a setup to collect rainwater on the rooftop. You can store them for longer durations. Just filtration is required if you are using them for drinking purposes. You can even refer to courses for rainwater harvesting techniques.

3.     Harvesting Food

Food is also one of the significant basic needs of human beings. Now, you have got your house and water ready for usage. So, use some part of the land for gardening and the other part for farming which will give you food.

You can plant various vegetables and flora saplings, which will reap you with vegetables and fruits. If you are a vegan, you can consider growing chickens and cattle. They will help you with meat, eggs, and milk for consumption. If you have in excess, you can even trade them with your neighbours and gain the stuff you lack.

4.     Generating Source Of Energy

You are living off-grid, and it clearly states that you need to produce energy by yourselves. One best method of doing this is by installing solar panels. Installation of solar panels is reasonable, and maintenance is also easy.

You can connect a battery to generate adequate electricity when the situations are favourable. You can trade the excess energy generated with your neighbours. Apart from solar panels, you can also use solar energy to warm the water by directing the sunlight.


A living off-grid system is rapidly growing across the world. It captivates numerous individuals with its unique characteristics and benefits. However, if you plan to shift to this way of living, you should prepare yourself physically and mentally. It is an independent living where you have to generate energy, harvest grains, store water and arrange all your basic needs.