If you didn’t know, manscaping is when you trim or shave your body hair. While doing this, a terrifying 61% of men having have cut themselves at least once.

If you’re a man looking to remove unwanted body hair without getting hurt, you’re in the right place!

Keep reading to learn how to manscape with our five body grooming rules that are mandatory for you to follow.

1. Shower and Clean First

Cleaning your face and body before you start shaving is essential. It not only softens the hair and opens your pores, but it also removes bacteria from your skin. That way, if you do cut yourself, you’re already clean.

This goes for your tools too. Have a separate razer for your face and your body, and clearly mark them, so you’re never confused. If you ever did forget which is which, do yourself a favor and change the blade out.

2. Stretch and Prepare Your Skin

Shaving every inch of body hair off you takes practice, patience, and, most of all, flexibility. Since you’ll be doing this alone, it’s important to stretch out and make sure you can reach every part of your body. Lay a towel on your bathroom floor, and do some simple stretches.

Then, make sure you have enough light, water, and shaving cream to get started. If you don’t like the idea of doing stretches to prep your skin, consider using something like wax or an electric trimmer instead. These don’t require your skin to move as much and can reduce ingrown hairs.

3. Use Pre-Shaving Oil

Your main goal should always be to protect your skin. This means you have to prepare it with oil to create a barrier between the blade and your skin. It will also soften any coarse hair you have, making it easier to remove smoothly.


4. Use High-Quality Products

No matter what you use to remove your body hair, whether it’s a razer, electric razer, sugar wax, or regular wax, always be sure you’re using high-quality products. When you don’t, you can end up with scratches, knicks, or even rashes, depending on what you use.

Consider using easy-to-use blades that help you shave hard-to-reach parts of your body, such as the Bakblade. Learn more about this product on their homepage!

5. Treat Your Body Like Your Face

Just because the skin your shaving is your arm or chest doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve the tender love and care you give your face! Go slowly when shaving, and press with enough pressure to remove all your unwanted body hair.

Start Body Grooming Today

Now that you know our five body grooming rules you have to follow, you’re ready to pick up your razer safely. Remember always to use high-quality products and to go slow when shaving.

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