Struggling with gift ideas for men seems to be an extremely common problem in our society. Whether it’s Christmas, Father’s Day, or any celebratory occasion, buying for men almost becomes a chore as they either have everything or can’t think what they want!

An easy cop out is usually a wallet or belt but why not try something a little different?

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

We have curated a list of some of our favourite gift ideas at Farrar & Tanner, containing a combination of personalised, practical, and fun products which all encompass an element of luxury.

Barbour Tartan Handkerchief Box Set – £30


For the dapper chap: First up, we have a set of Barbour handkerchiefs. These three organic cotton handkerchiefs will add a little bit of a spice to his attire; they are also woven in Barbour’s classic tartan which adds to the luxurious nature of them. These are a great gift idea for those who would consider themselves dapper chaps (or chivalrous men who want to offer their girlfriend one whilst watching a tear-jerking movie).

Kitchen Craft Acacia Wood Magnetic Knife Rack – £30


For the culinary enthusiast: Next, we have the Kitchen Craft magnetic knife rack. The rack has multiple purposes including freeing up space in drawers and serving as a design element. This would make a wonderful present for someone with culinary interest or simply a love or appreciation for clever tools. It should be noted that knives are not included with this buy. Why not take a look by clicking here for knife options?

Barbour Aydon Manicure Kit – £35


For the man who likes to look after himself: This Barbour manicure kit is an absolute staple in any man’s washbag, let alone jet setters and those who work away often. Inside the leather and tartan case, you will find five tools – nail clippers, scissors, tweezers, cuticle pushers, and file – which will collectively be used to achieve perfectly cut nails. What’s more? This set can be personalised with his name embroidered on the front.

Victorinox Executive Wood 81 Walnut Swiss Army Knife – £40


For the DIY man: The Victorinox Evowood 81 is a particularly popular pocket-knife. Combining luxury with practicality, the Evowood has five essential everyday tools including a stainless-steel blade and serrated scissors. It is the perfect tool to facilitate the completion of small jobs around the house, making him the ultimate handyman. In terms of brand reputation, did you know that Victorinox were the originators of the Swiss army knife and have been providing the Swiss army with tools since 1884?

Manopoulos Walnut Wood Backgammon Set – £49


For the competitive man: Lastly, this luxurious Manopoulos backgammon set is the perfect gift for board game enthusiasts or those who thrive in competitive environments. The board itself is compact and encompasses thick, high walls and side racks to ensure all pieces are safe; this practical design makes it a great choice when travelling due to it being easily stored and played in any environment. All pieces are included in the set and personalisation is available. Click here for a full rundown on how to play backgammon.