Do you have a special someone in your life? Perhaps you have a sibling or loved one whose birthday is coming up. Whatever the occasion, chances are you want to find the perfect gift for this person. While shopping at your local mall could allow you to find a few things they may like, the best way to show your friend or family member how much they matter to you is by giving something that conveys how well you know them and that you put some thought into it.

Personalized gifts can go far in helping someone feel special. These 5 options below can make it easier for you to find that perfect item for your loved one.

4 Unique Gift Ideas They'll Love

1. Personalized coffee mugs

For the coffee lover, there is no such thing as too many coffee cups. No, trust us; most coffee lovers can’t get enough of coffee mugs—it allows them to always brew a cup of Joe when they want it, even if the dishes haven’t been washed yet. So, why not give them something unique like personalized coffee mugs? Whether you customize it with a photo of your favorite picture together, a quote, or a joke, they’ll absolutely love it.

2. Star map picture

This is a great gift for celebrating a special event that happened for both you and the person you want to give it to. Whether it’s for your anniversary, a shared experience with a friend, or any other great moment, you two will be able to look back and reminisce with ease. A star map picture is not only a unique and personal gift, it’s a pretty fascinating one, too. With the date and location, artists are able to depict the way the sky was on that specific day. There really is nothing as captivating as a gift like this one.

3. Fun socks

This gift is perfect for the person in your life who loves their sport. Whether it’s mountain biking, road riding, hiking, or skiing, you can give your friend or loved one personalized socks that they’ll be proud to wear again and again. What is something they’re really into? Do they absolutely adore tacos or are they more of a fanatic about donuts? You can give them socks that nod to their unique personalities and likes while providing them with an item that is needed in their sport.

4. Customized glasses

If your friend or loved one enjoys glasses, a perfect gift could be customized glasses. As much as one tries to avoid it, glasses tend to break often, and for the glasses fan, well, this is a tragedy! So, order them top-notch glasses with personalized engravings. You can also order them engraved glasses—the options are endless.

5. A reliable DNA test

You can’t get more personal than someone’s DNA. If you have a friend or family member who you know would love to learn more about their origins, a DNA test could be an ideal gift for them. There are an array of reliable options that can provide you with insights into where your ancestors came from. Believe me; this type of gift is one that is very thoughtful, as well as amazing for the person who really wants to know more about family and ancestry.

Final Thoughts

These above-mentioned gifts are only a few of the options that are personal and unique. Whether your loved one enjoys everything that has to do with sports or they like to wear jewelry, these gifts can get you started with ideas on what would be best for them. As you shop around for a gift that you know they will love, consider a personalized gift.