If you are living a life that is something you no longer like, you might be thinking that it is over for you. You might be depressed feeling so sad about your life. But you don’t have to stress yourself. Instead, it is not too late to be the person you always want to be. Just like if you’re the author of your own story, how do you like to rewrite it? Yes, you’ve read that, right! You are responsible for the person you want to transform.

5 Simple Ways to Transform Your Life

Remember that you only have one life to live, and if you don’t do anything to achieve that life, it will be your loss. You need to remember that transforming your life must happen over time. It takes a lot of effort and time to change your life totally. You have to be focused on your goal and do the things that you think are impossible to do. Take a risk and find your determination through the hardships you’ve gone through. If ever you run out of the will to carry on, always remember the best to come to your destination.

Now, if you’re ready to transform your life and be the person you’ve dreamed of being, we’re going to show you the five simple ways to transform your life below! Check them out!

1. Start with a positive mindset.

Your life transformation must always come with a “mind over matter” mindset. The change might seem unachievable in your first step, but you will make bigger ones if you keep grinding every day. You can start by reminding yourself every day that you are born to become the best version of yourself. You have to be the first person to believe that you can make it. You won’t be able to get the transformation you need if you think negatively.

So, how can you start with a positive mindset? It’s simple. Start with the things that will make you happy and energized to reach your goal. Cross out the old things or ways you have done before that is not helping you grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. If you have bad habits such as being alcoholic or gambling, leave those habits and find a new one.

You will always have the say of how your life will turn out better. You start it with your mind, and everything positive around you will follow. Even the ugly mistakes and habits in your past will turn out right if you shift your mentality to something good and refreshing.

2. Stick to your plan.

How are you going to execute the things that are part of your life transformation? Well, you have to stick to your plan. Think of the things that you have to do to reach the finish line successfully. Do you have to go to the gym to be physically fit? Do you have to read more books to equip yourself with the information that can help you with your new career? Every step you have to take must be planned and organized. You also have to do these things regularly if you want the total change in your life to happen.

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You need to justify the things you include in your plan. Commit to your plans with the same intensity as committing to a relationship. The passion must be there. Sometimes, people fail to transform their lives because they don’t execute what was planned. You have to take action against what you write in your goals. It is not enough that you have plans, but you are not doing the work to achieve them. When things go wrong, always go back to your plans and check the things where you have to restart.

3. Chase your dreams.

The main reason why you want to transform your life is the fact that there are dreams that you have to chase. Turn that dream into reality. You might think that it’s impossible because of the time frame, but you’re wrong. The universe will be on your side if it sees how much you like to reach the dreams you have in mind.

External factor such as other people who makes you feel low of yourself doesn’t matter at all. Break free from all these negativities and prove them wrong! You are capable of becoming better because you have the strength to keep going. You have the potential within you that others don’t see. So, it’s time to unleash those potentials.

People will always have something to say if you are still starting the change in your life. But don’t let their negativities lessen the fire of passion inside your heart. Keep going because every beginning is messy. It will only be as clean as it should be in the end. Don’t try to clean up the mess while making the change. Everything will fall into place once you achieve your dream. Remember that this transformation is for yourself, your dreams, and the people who love you.

4. Help other people.

The transformation in your life will be more productive if you learn to help other people. You can share anything you want, and it doesn’t have to involve money as long as you can extend a helping hand to anyone that needs one. For example, as you walk along the street, you see an older woman about to cross the street, you should be kind enough to help her.

Another thing is that you can be a mentor to the young ones who need advice with their lives. You know how hard it is to transform your life, right? So, you better remind them that while they are still young, it would be best if they do it right according to their plans in the future. In this way, you can help them make a better life as early as they can.

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Furthermore, there is beautify in helping other people because everything will come back to you double or even triple even if you don’t expect anything in return. Make your life transformation worthy of the life of other people too. You will be happier if you reach the finish line victoriously as you help other people along this beautiful journey.

5. Be grateful.

Transforming your life doesn’t mean that you are not grateful for the things that you have now or in the past. It just means that you’re grateful that you value your life more than ever. So, how can you show gratitude towards yourself and others? Simple. You just have to be vocal about how much you appreciate the existence of other people. For example, you can greet your loved ones funny I miss you messages or start your message with inspiring Christian quotes. Rest assured that they will be truly happy because they felt the kind of love they have wished you to experience.


The secret to transforming your life always starts with how much urge you want to start now. Make sure to keep the ball rolling by trusting yourself to do better and desire for more. Always remember the things we have discussed above so that you will not get lost with your journey. Everything will get better soon, just keep grinding and do it with massive passion! If you have other ways in mind that you think can help others transform their lives too, you can comment down below!

Scott Zhou is the owner of Ponwell.com. He is an entrepreneur by spirit. Scott likes to share his insights on an array of topics related to realtionship, self-improvement, lifestyle and motivation. His recent collection of powerful quotes will showcase the importance of relationship to achieve the goals of living in harmony