Living with someone for a couple of years helps you learn more about their character and way of life. When you create a family together, you know more about their responsibility and how they partake in that role. There are great dads out there, and its important they are also appreciated in the best way possible. Fathers day is coming up, so what do you have in mind?

Fathers do many things for their family, from providing, protecting, and caring for the family. There’s a need to make them feel loved and know people notice the things they do. But what can you do as a wife? While food gifts for father’s day make for an enjoyable surprise, you can also spend some extra time thinking about what you’ll say to accompany the appreciation gifts.


Special Ways of Saying Happy Father’s Day

As a wife, this is an individual you know well; you share a life and deal with parenting as a team. He is more of a lover than the father to your kids and sometimes getting to express your appreciation for the helping hand that he has given you all through. So other than presenting food gifts for father’s day to him, what words can accompany the present?

Thank you for being a true partner in parenting

This phrase expresses gratitude to your husband for the contribution that they put into the parenting course. It comes from the point of having a good teammate that ensures you always win together.

I love that you thoughtfully consider all of my mommy worries

This phrase echoes the understanding and ability to cope with all the issues you throw to your husband in parenting. It congratulates him for holding things together for you even when you felt like giving up or the weakest moments.

If our boy grows up to be exactly like you, that will be a great thing

This phrase is an acknowledgment of how wonderful and great of a man your husband is. That is recognizing his character, deeds, and efforts that he contributes to building his significance. It also portrays that he poses as a good role model to the kids.

Fatherhood makes you even more attractive to me.

This phrase complements him for doing more than he usually does. It’s about pointing out the stepping up that he has done ever since the babies came, making him more of a better person. It also slides some sexy touch to it.

To My Sweet Husband! Hoping you have a day that is as wonderful as you are

This phrase discloses that you are proud of who they are and what they do for you as a family. It is a general acknowledgment of his entire existence in the family and how he projects himself in that unit. It not only touches on parenthood but the character as well.

Food related gifts can be an easy way to say thanks on Father’s Day but to make your gift seem more personalized and memorable, coming up with comments or notes to give with a present that tell your appreciation is also special.