It is common to give flowers and jewelry to your wife on a party or an anniversary. These symbols of femininity are sure values. But have you ever thought of giving a more original gift? Or does your wife put away the jewelry collection that grows with the years?

In this article, we offer you 7 original jewelry boxes ideas to surprise your girlfriend the next time you give her a gift. Click here to discover all the products offered by the store!

1. Vintage jewelry box

➢ Does your wife love yard sales, thrift stores and your grandmother’s decorations?


She will love this little jewelry box with its inimitable antique style. Its two compartments allow it to store all your little treasures! Its handle and metallic closure make it easy to move around. It will add a unique touch to your room’s decoration!


2. Modern jewelry box

➢ Does your wife like clean lines and Scandinavian decor?

She won’t be able to live without this dark wood jewelry box! It has 3 layers that detach to hold your bracelets, earrings or rings in the corresponding compartments. Its velvet interior was designed to protect your jewelry when you are not using it. This way, you can keep your precious gold jewelry longer.


3. Asian jewelry box

➢ Is your wife fascinated by the refinement of the oriental culture?


She’ll love this green jewelry box! The dragons that adorn the outer surface match the Chinese letters that cover the inner surface of this little box. It is equipped with 3 drawers and a mirror to allow her to get ready in the morning or before going out. She can match her earrings to her hairstyle while checking her makeup.

4. Lacquered jewelry box

➢ Is your wife hypnotized by shiny objects?


She will never take her eyes off this exceptional jewelry box. It is made of wood and mother-of-pearl to make your jewelry collection shine. Its outer surface is decorated with an engraving of birds flock covered by hand lacquering to bring out the details. This is a rare jewelry box that you can keep for many years.

5. Luxury jewelry box

➢ Your wife dreams of exceptional jewelry from Tiffany & Co, Van Cleef & Harpels or Cartier?


Luxury jewelry must be stored in luxury jewelry boxes to avoid deterioration. As well functional as aesthetic, this jewelry box does not leave anyone indifferent. It is perfect for women who love refinement and originality!


It is handmade by a craftsman specialized in woodwork and mother-of-pearl. Its different compartments are adapted to the shape of all the jewels that make up a collection: diamond ring, gold bracelets, sapphire earrings, emerald brooch or even pearl necklaces.


6. Armoire jewelry box

➢ Does your wife like to store her jewelry as well as her beauty products together?


She will love this tall cabinet that allows her to store her bracelets next to her perfumes and lipsticks. It is entirely made of red wood which contributes to its unique aesthetic. Its engravings and golden handles are details that you will appreciate. Click here to buy this jewelry box for women.


7. Unfinished jewelry box

➢ Has your wife kept her childlike spirit? Does she practices manual activities?

She will love to personalize her own jewelry box according to her desires of the moment. This natural wooden box is still unfinished. You can choose to draw, paint or even add material on its outside surface. Turn a classic jewelry box into a jewelry box that looks like you! Click here to discover this girls jewelry box.

We hope you enjoyed this suggestion of ideas and wish you a good day!



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