The Royal Family have always been trendsetters, and when it comes to men’s fashion, no Royal in recent memory has been more influential than Prince William. Over the years, he has perfected a style that combines approachability with elegance, and Royal tradition with modern aesthetics. If you’re looking to dress like a 21st century Prince, look no further than Prince William. Here’s our breakdown of his inspirational look.

Elegant Fashion Rules for Men

Before we begin, it’s worth going through some of the essential basics for how to dress elegantly.

  • Understated is best. Save for a tie or pocket square, gentlemen should never dress in bold or visually abrupt colours. Even during the most festive events, such as the Ascot races, the men observe this rule very carefully.
  • A tailored fit. When it comes to suits for official functions, the right fit makes the best impact. This means it should always be tailored when possible.
  • Muted palettes. With the exception of white shirts, don’t dress for high contrast – it’s hardly “understated”.
  • Minimal accessories. When it comes to jewellery and other elements, less is always more. Cufflinks and pocket squares are about as complicated as necessary.

The Classic William Look

William is well known for his suits. He favours darker colours against a white shirt (and the occasional coloured tie), and the quality of his tailored suits complement his height and shape. This is rounded off with black oxford shoes – again, high in quality but understated in visual flair.

The end result is truly regal; materials are of the highest quality, with prints and visual motifs kept to an absolute minimum. The quality of the fabric does all the talking.

Of course, Prince William has a look for all occasions and one can only imagine the size of his wardrobe. If you’re looking for additional inspiration, watch a Prince William documentary to see how his style has evolved over the years.


Casual Outfits Inspired by Prince William

What about day-to-day wear? The younger generations of the Royal Family have learned to embrace modern fashion while still retaining their Royal composure, and Prince William is arguably the best example.

When not at official functions, Prince William often favours high quality lambswool jumpers, wearing a clean dress shirt underneath. Knitwear is Prince William’s go-to option for many occasions: it’s clean and understated, yet comfortable and easy to pair. Combined with jeans and comfortable shoes (no trainers), it’s a modern update of a classic Royal look.

A tweed blazer is also a staple of Prince Williams’s wardrobe, and what many people appreciate about his style is that he’s happy to leave the tie at home. Bear in mind that at all times the overall style is kept clean and consistent; a colourful jumper is about as vibrant as Prince William gets.