We all like to look our best and there are so many different aspects of our style and appearance that modern men have to pay attention to. A huge part of making sure that we look our best is a comprehensive daily beauty routine which guarantees that we are looking energized and fresh every moment of the day. For many of us, our regimen is a closely guarded secret because we all know that any little edge you can gain can make a huge difference. But there are some seriously amazing products out there that are probably better-kept secrets than anything you are using right now.

In this article, we are going to present 4 beauty products that you’ve never heard of, but that you most definitely want to check out.

1. Snail Slime Toners

The rise of K Pop and K Drama has seen the cultural influence of Korea explode in the last few years. As a result, Korean skincare, beauty products and cosmetics have taken the world of female beauty by storm. But whilst women reaped the beauty benefits for some time, men have only just started to sit up and pay attention. There are so many Korean products for men that deserve a place in any bathroom cupboard, but there is nothing quite like toner made using real snail slime. Snail slime toners offer incredible hydration, and you can click here to check out some in-depth reviews of this magical stuff, as well as some of the other amazing Korean beauty products on the market. Many Korean products use snail slime as it promotes collagen formation and can help repair damaged skin. Not only do many Korean toners use snail slime, but they also contain bee venom which contains a special protein that is used to treat dehydration. If you suffer from dry skin and your toner just isn’t quite cutting it, this is definitely the product for you.

2. Bacon Scented Beard Oil

man beard work

From the most coiffured hipster beard to the fullness of the lumberjack, beards are here to stay and there is nothing like a quality beard oil to keep your facial hair looking sleek and glossy. Beard Oils come with various formulas and scents, but there is none more unique than bacon-scented beard oil. This product is ironically 100% Vegan and why you might imagine that it is just a gimmicky item for Father’s Day or Christmas stockings, it has some seriously good reviews for both its scent and its effect. Who knows, if it keeps getting rave reviews, a fried chicken-scented oil or even a T-bone steak oil may be on the cards next.

3. Texturizing Hair Spray

Beauty Products hair

Some men really pull off the bald look, but for many of us, watching our hair wave goodbye is the stuff of nightmares. Thankfully, the beauty Gods have come up with an ingenious product to roll back the years (and push forward the hairline) with the development of texturizing hairspray. Using similar technology to mascara, texturizing hair sprays claim to thicken the look of your hair. Texturizing hair sprays come in all the colors of the hair rainbow so if you find that you are starting to go a little thin on top, it might be worth giving it a try. Just be careful though! It doesn’t matter whether it comes from a can or it’s on the head of the President of the United States, nobody likes a comb-over!

4. Ab Definition Cream

This is one that we haven’t personally tried out yet, but if it does what it says it does then sign us up! This specially formulated cream claims to dramatically transform the look of your abs within minutes of being applied. The creators say that it uses some kind of Heat-Activated Thermal-Nuclear Rocket Science technology which causes rapid water loss, leaving your stomach looking shredded. There isn’t a person on Earth who prefers crunches to cookies so if it delivers what it claims, this could be a real game-changing product. The verdict is still very much out on this one, with half the reviews we read proclaiming it a miracle cream, and the other half saying it is totally ineffective.

There are so many great beauty products out there that will leave you looking, smelling, and feeling great. We are all on the hunt for that one special product that can transform our whole beauty routine and this obsession has caused companies to try out some really wacky ideas. If you are feeling adventurous, give some of the products in this list a go.