Did you recently begin to shave? If so, you might be making a few mistakes and experiencing a horrible shave. You live, and you learn.

Today you learn to shave correctly by eliminating the following missteps from your shaving routine.


Switch Shaving Blades

An average shaving blade is suitable for only seven uses. When the blade has surpassed its use, it is time to change it. However, this is dependent on the facial area you shave and the quality of hair.

But you must keep switching blades for hygienic purposes. Using the same blade for an unnecessary amount of time can lead to infections and mold growth on the razor.

If you feel your razor has begun to pull and tug at the skin, it is time to change it. You can buy the razors in bulk to save yourself from the annoyance. A dull blade is not your skin’s best friend. A sharp blade will glide on top of the skin when you shave without causing any irritation.

shave towel

Do not Prep with Cold Water

Before shaving, preparing the skin is a crucial step, and how you prep the skin matters as much. When you wash your face before shaving with cold water, it closes your pores and the follicles present. It will tighten your skin and make shaving a lot more difficult.

The pores open up and cooperate in running a razor on top of it. Therefore, prepare the skin for shaving by rinsing with warm water. You can use steam or apply a hot towel to soften the skin before shaving too. It all depends on your personal preferences.

Change your Shaving Cream

The shaving cream in cans is very budget-friendly when you purchase them. However, they are also significant contributors to razor and redness burns. You may want to switch to a more accommodating shaving cream if you are not achieving your dream shave.

A shaving agent aims to exfoliate the present layer of the skin to expose the new protected and smooth layer.

Avoid using shaving agents that are straight-up chemicals but use oils and anti-aging ingredients to boost easier shaving. Purchase a shaving cream with vitamin E extracts or Aloe Vera to maintain moisture in the skin.

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Did you do a Post-Shave?

After you have done shaving, assess your radiant face in the mirror. Unfortunately, a one-time shave does not remove all facial hair. The neck hair cannot be removed in one shaving round because of the tough cervices. The trick to an excellent shave is a post-shave.

Consider the post-shave as an active control to remove hairs the first shave did not reach. You can use see-through shaving cream to apply under the ear, the jawline, and Adam’s apple region. Go around the nose and lips since that region is extra sensitive because of softer skin.

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The Final Thought

Shaving comes with practice. Sometimes it is very annoying to shave when you cannot reach the tough regions of the face based on lack of practice. Hopefully, the shaving misconceptions have been removed so you can experience a smooth shave.