A man’s commitment to his family matters quite almost anything in his life. that’s why I’m committed to protecting men’s interests in Oklahoma family courts. Because divorce, custody battles, and paternity suits threaten family stability, as a fathers’ rights attorney I fight to guard a father’s place within the lives of his children.

In modern families, both parents contribute alike to most aspects of a child’s life. Yet some spouses show up in domestic relations court with a mistaken concept children’s interests are somehow more aligned with a mother. I do know better. In maximum cases, children do best with in cooperation parents in their exists. As a Tulsa fathers’ rights lawyer I work to realize balanced outcomes that promote a stable family during and after domestic relations court disputes.

Why Men Need an Attorney only for Men

Some divorcing spouses attend court thinking a man’s role is usually to be a provider; they ask courts to supply them quite her justifiable share of marital assets. I fight to guard men’s property, earnings, and reputation in divorce. I signify men because decent men deserve fair action in court. Before a person agrees to a fast divorce settlement drafted by a spouse’s attorney, he must seek the recommendation of a Tulsa attorney for men about equitable distribution of marital property.

I represent men because men deserve fair treatment and since children deserve for his or her fathers to be treated fairly in court. Research shows that children who spend time with both parents after divorce develop fewer behavioral and psychological problems than those that spend time with just one parent. Studies reliably show that children uncovered to less parent conflict throughout divorce enjoy healthier adjustment later.

4 Key Signs You Should Hire a Family Law Attorney

Without adequate legal counsel, a protective dad might feel pressured to sacrifice his parental rights, abandoning parenting time just to avoid conflict. My goal is to regulate conflict while developing a legal case to realize each client’s preferred outcome. That’s why I represent men in divorce and custody matters. Children need their fathers.

Working to make sure Your Paternal Rights Are Protected

Although the system is slowly changing to supply equal opportunities in family law, men — and fathers especially — often face an uphill battle in divorce, especially when it involves child custody. If you’re a person facing a divorce, it’s important to figure with an attorney who understands the challenges you face and may protect your rights.

At Hensley and Associates, PLLC, we proudly represent men throughout northeast Oklahoma during a range of divorce-related matters. Throughout your divorce, our Tulsa family lawyers will work closely with you to make sure that you simply get fair treatment and an civil right altogether aspects of your divorce.

Fathers’ Rights Issues

Even as the playing field for mothers and fathers slowly evens out, fathers are often still at an obstacle when it involves issues regarding their children and other aspects of divorce.
Hensley and Associates, PLLC are a fathers rights attorney in Tulsa that can represent you in divorce-related matters that include:

  • Child guardianship and care: Customarily, men would carry a extensive financial load in providing financial look after the youths , while being settled only negligible legal right . we will assist you level the playing field and acquire equitable custody and support arrangements.
  • Spousal support: With the rise in two-income households, spousal support is becoming increasingly equal between men and ladies . we will assist you get fair treatment in your spousal support agreement.
  • Division of assets: Equitable division is becoming more equitable than ever, with both parties getting an civil right in asset division. we will help protect your financial interests throughout your divorce.

We understand that these issues are often emotional and quickly become contentious. We exerting to stay matters amicable and to settle all issues through mediation outside the courtroom. That said, our Tulsa fathers’ rights attorneys aren’t afraid to represent you in trial if need be.

You may are available here and think that you’re defending yourself, but we wish to play this game aggressively and that we wish to prosecute claims. And what meaning is, and that i think an excellent hypothetical for this is able to be a protective order, as an example .

You’re a defendant, she’s a protected party, but as soon as she files that protective order, she’s opened herself up to our investigation.


And what which will entail is several tools that we will use so as to accumulate information from her, including depositions, written production, interrogatories, requests for admission, the assembly of health records, psychological state records, also as people involved in her life that we will request production from, depose, investigate, and find out the complete and detailed picture.

And then obviously after we’ve investigated and purchased a body of data , we prosecute. And what does that mean? We develop your narrative so as to mitigate the claims that she’s making, make her uncredible, make her story uncredible, cause you to credible, and make your story credible.

At the top of the day, albeit you’re the defendant on a protective order, our goal is to right away continue offense and stay offense. Keep her off balance, keep her attorney off balance.

And many times it’s going to not need to attend a hearing. If you’re talking a few borderline protective order or one that’s clearly frivolous, she may decide it’s not well worth the hassle and just get away . I mean, which will happen, it does happen for us, and aggressive prosecution of the case can often produce that result.

When someone has filed a case against you, the time to reply is restricted . once you decide to initiate action, timing is critical. I offer free initial consultations otherwise you may retain me for a coffee cost strategy session before we engage in an attorney client relationship.

At a time like this, you would like an advocate and counsellor who knows the results . You would like an ally who knows the way to navigate the law and therefore the courts to realize the outcomes that are best for you and your family.