Well, who doesn’t want to be sexy right? Everyone wants to be the attraction point in any gathering, so here we are giving you a guide how to be a Sexy Man and shine every time.

You know sexy is not just about the looks, no Mister it is way bigger than this. Just scroll down to see what you must do to be SEXY.

First rule: the Personal Hygiene


You must take a good care about your body and make it presentable as much as possible, from head to toe you will have to check every part to make it perfect. No bad breath, no sweat smell, no bitten nails, no bad grooming day and no bad hair day as well. You need to be prepared anytime 24/7.

You will visit the barber once a week to maintain the good looks. You can invest in a good perfume that really works and you can get a good mouthwash for everyday use.

Second rule: the Talk

the talk

You know that body and clothes are just a cover for who you really are, but when you start talking the real you start to shine so why make it look bad.

Read, read and read and in multiple genres, you need to know something about everything. The look of a well cultured man is priceless. So just jump on the train of culture and knowledge and explore what the world has to offer for you.

Third rule: the Personality

the personality

Now one is perfect, but you will need to work on your flaws and bad habits. You need to be a Gentleman who knows etiquette, how to talk in gatherings and how to respect the opposite opinion. You must have manners and morals, and know how to respect women and how to deal with them. Just the simple HOW TO BE A GOOD PERSON.

Fourth rule: the Fashion

the fashion

Well, now we are talking the fashion sense is important here but not the only thing, you don’t need to be dapper and to look sexy. You can be a street-wear aesthetic but in a good way.

You need to know what colors suits you the most and what type of clothes that makes your body looks good.

You need to take good care about your clothes, and keep them tidy and clean for whenever you will need them. It is not about how much your outfit is it is all about how good it looks on you.

Finally: the Originality

the originality

You need to be original, not a copy of someone else. You need to be YOU but in a good way, just improve and evolve to a better person and keep getting better.

Now you have the five keys for being sexy use them well and don’t disappoint me, have fun and make sure that you are sexy in a certain way not every man should look the same to be sexy. But we all have the same keys that can lead us to the right path, Good Luck.

If you have more tips to add or comments, leave in the section below…