Men tend to choose a hairstyle from mens hairstyles and stick to it for life. Some make it a signature. Your hairstyle matters a lot in your dressing style, and it can also say something about your personality.

However, for you to maintain the elegance of the haircut, you need to trim your hair after four to five days, depending on how fast your growth is. Leaving one hairstyle on your head for long can make you look messy and unkempt. This list of mens hairstyles will help you come up with style to hold onto.

Millennial Curtains

This style was primarily embraced in the โ€™90s, and it is back into trending. The style brings out your round-out pointed facial features, and this will be best to try if you have a square and rectangular face. It is not a style worth trying if you have a long face. Millennial curtains mens hairstyles are easy to style and maintain. You need to dry your hair towards the front and comb it back when it dries up.

The Skinhead

You will be safe if you get the skinhead haircut from a barber who knows how to do it. If wrongly done, you will get out of there looking like a vintage hooligan. It is a simple haircut that can be made bolder by adding a bold color to it. According to LoveHairStyles, you can add a high fade with longer strands at the top and natural finishing at the front to your style for uniqueness. You will have to make a lot of visits to your hairdresser to maintain the style.

Loose Quiff

Wearing the quiff hairstyle requires you to have a good hair volume. Thick hair ensures the waves and shape come out well. The style is not picky with the face shape. However, it will be safer if you ask your barber for advice. You can also ask him to play a little with different styles. Also, donโ€™t be surprised when your barber starts chopping off some length of your hair.

Long French Crop

The style features a short back and sides, and long and full hair at the top. This is an excellent style to try if you have thick hair. It is also easy to style. Get a dry styling product to make styling more effortless and to make it pop. Combing the hair to form a fringe will add elegance. Add some gel to the fringe to hold it down.

Cropped Blunt Fringe

This style favors people with straight hair more, but since it is done mostly on short hair, it is not picky with hair types. You can also try it regardless of your face shape. However, if you have a square jaw, you will look more stunning than the rest in this hairstyle. Cropped blunt fringe features a short back and sides. The top should have some volume, and you can ask your barber to add a forward fringe for more stylish.


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The Textured Crop

A textured crop is one of must-try mens hairstyles this year. Your barber will give you a fading back and side cut, leaving more volume at the top. The long top is left to fall on one side rather than be left standing.

This mens hairstyle works well on people with thick hair and has a natural texture. Ensure enough volume of hair is left at the top. It is easy to style and maintain a textured crop style. For a something unique, tell your barber to keep the hair on top medium. You can also dye it if you want to stand out more.

Undercut Quiff

The quiff is associated with adolescents. However, its preference among men of different ages is changing every day. It is a growing hairstyle among the adults, who add a contrasting undercut to enhance the style. Although the quiff style requires many products to keep it in place, adding an undercut makes it easy to maintain the style.

Ask the barber to give you a taper off towards the neck and on the sides. They should leave a reasonable length at the top. Adding a fringe will add texture and volume to the front, which are, without a doubt defining features in this hairstyle.