Sometimes our teeth need some additional help to stay healthy and pain free. We all know how bad can a tooth hurt, so in this article we’ll try to provide you with some useful information if you end up needing a root canal.

As this is the first paragraph we’ll start with just simple basics. Root canal is a dental treatment, that can be performed by your dentist or if he refers you (which most dentists tend to do) to an endodontist will perform the root canal for you.

The thing about endodontists is that they are specialized doctors, that have been learning for additional three years on top of the four required in dental school. Their job is focused on either preserving in part or fully the dental pulp or in severe cases completely remove it if needed.

Let’s go back to what a root canal is. It’s designed to repair a diseased or damaged tooth. Once the pulp, which is part of the tooth that’s made of blood vessels and nerves, gets infected or damaged, it has to be removed, while the tooth is cleaned and sealed to prevent further infection.

root canal

Without root canal surgery the bacteria in your teeth is left all alone and multiplies as your pulp breaks down. This can cause a really painful infection or even an abscess, which is a pus-filled pocket sitting at the tooth’s root. If it’s left untreated it can end up causing swelling, bone loss and even leakage in and around the tooth.

Despite the stigmata that seems to be around root canals they’re not really painful. Most people tend to be really afraid of the procedure itself than the actual discomfort that might occur during it. In short most people compare it to having a filling places. Nothing more, nothing less.

Remember, if you keep being scared about the procedure, you can always ask about sedation. Even though root canals have become more and more common people still dread the mere thought of having it done. The thing is pain isn’t even the most common fear those people have.

If you live in New York, and had a painful tooth that needs a root canal, you most likely asked yourself “What’s a root canal cost NYC bound?”. Well the price varies depending on the services you decide to use, for example one can be cheaper than the other, but also on the insurance plan you have.

Some insurance plans cover up to 60% of the costs connected to getting a root canal, which makes it easier on your wallet. Make sure to research a few options and pick the one best for you, just so you’ll end up happy with your choice.