The demands for exceptional Domestic Couples remain high as there are a host of excellent benefits for the employers that are able to find the correct couples with the perfect mixture of skills and experience.

Domestic Couples are usually people that are married or have been in a partnership for many years. They also come with extensive experience along with premium recommendations from past employers.

In some cases, you might encounter candidates that have made the decision to merge their previous experience and skills together, and they now want to work together as a Domestic Couple.

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This role may be highly flexible, yet in most cases, it will also be a live-in arrangement.

– Cost-Effective Choice

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When a salary is shared to cover all the roles each individual is hired to perform and the accommodation is shared, (usually a self-contained or separate unit), among the best advantages of hiring a Private Domestic Couple has to do with how cost-effective this option usually is.

A couple with exceptional skills will incur far fewer expenses when compared to having to hire many different individuals to fulfill the different roles.

– Combine Your Roles

The role combinations to choose from when you hire a Domestic Couple is just about limitless. The more common teams of working couples are usually Estate Management Couples, Hospitality Management Couples, House Management Couples, and the Villa Management Couples. Yet the role combinations mentioned below are also highly popular:

– PA and Housekeeper

– Handyman and Nanny Housekeeper

– Gardener and Nanny

– Chauffeur and PA

– Housekeeper, Chauffeur, and Chef

– Butler and Nanny

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A Domestic Couple provides exceptional flexibility when it comes to fulfilling the required roles in your estate or household, and you might be surprised by the various combinations that HazeltonClive hospitality agency can provide you with.

– Increased Rate Of Staff Retention

Another excellent benefit when hiring a Private Domestic Couple is the increased chance of retaining both employees for much longer. These individuals are not only more reliable, but most employers also discover that their Domestic Couple is usually available over the seasons or occasions were other staff members prefer taking time off.

The working couples are also usually not as active “outside of work”, as they are already spending most of their time together.

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Working couples usually prefer that they take time off work together, and will usually work hours regarded as more unsociable so that they can spend this quality time together. This will obviously depend on the employer and whether they agree to this arrangement that could benefit both the employer and the employees.

– Exceptional Communication

In a busy household or estate, communication is usually more efficient when there is an experienced Domestic Couple present. When two employees are working as a team together, sharing different responsibilities and roles, an employer is usually able to delegate different tasks to one employee, rather than having to instruct multiple individuals.

This specific benefit saves valuable time and makes it more convenient and easier to manage a team of staff.

– Work in Different Locations

Domestic Couples

Most of the Domestic Couples are prepared to and willing to work in various locations over a year and also take care of various properties for one employer.

This is an added advantage for employers that own properties in different locations in both the UK and further abroad.