Cats are the pets that have the highest proximity to human emotions. They can often get bored, lonely, sad, or depressed. When they are in this state, they get grumpy, and that is when they are prone to scratching and fighting. You don’t want your beautiful fluff staying in this state, and this is why you should try all ways to make your cat happy. Apart from the basic needs; entertainment, shelter and food, there are other tips you can use to make your cat happy;

1. Provide a Proper Scratching Area

Cat scratching is a mandatory part of their life, a form of instinct, and that is why I think it is the first most crucial thing. Cat’s scratching is their way of stretching and relaxing their muscles, sharpening their claws, and shedding the excess horn tissue.

Some cats prefer to scratch against furniture or the floor.

It is also their way of marking territory by leaving their scent and visual marks. To avoid multiple traces of cat fur on your carpet or couches, you can purchase a scratching apparatus. Cat scratching poles and trees are readily available in pet shops.

The right scratching post is sturdy and tall enough for your cat to scratch on.


Strategically position the post in the area where your cat often sleeps. Closely monitor your cat to make sure it sticks to the routine of scratching against the post and not any other area. Remove any items that may be used by the cat to scratch.

You can help your cat get accustomed to specific scratching motions and reward it once it has done that. Scratching trees are also suitable for cats to practice their climbing sports, which they love.

2. Give Your Cat Loads of Attention

Cats love a little cuddle time and a time to show them some love and attention. Set some time every day to snuggle your cat, play with it, and pet them in their favorite locations.

3. Provide Entertainment

As I said earlier, Cats are prone to getting bored if they lack something to do the whole day. They are adventurous animals and love exercising. It is said that cats are delighted only when they are tired. The following are ways you can entertain your cat:

Put the Food in a Different Location

Make the cat’s feeding time a little bit challenging. Hiding the food in a different location sounds like a punishment, but it’s not. The cat has a strong-smelling instinct, and this way, you will allow it to hunt for food. Cats are feline and hence their predatory tendencies.

Play Hide and Seek

Hide from your cat, call its name from your hiding space, and then let it look for you. It will be more interesting if you are hiding with some turkey.

There are many other ways to entertain, like playing ‘fetch the ball’, dragging the cat in some slippery material, or using puzzle feeders.

4. Teach Your Cat Some Human Tricks

Cats are not as easy to train as dogs, but they eventually will learn. Teach your cat some tricks like doing a high-five, sitting, fetching something, or knowing its name, which it responds to when called.

Positive reinforcement works best for cats. When it learns something, reward it with some chicken, for example. Doing this will keep the cat motivated.

5. Pay Regular Visits To a Veterinarian

A healthy cat will often be a happy cat. Visiting a vet who knows how to treat your cat will ensure it’s healthy and reduce aggression.

6. Provide Toys

Buy your cat some prey toys for it to pounce on or stalk.

7. Give Your Cat Supervised Outdoor Tours

Allow your cat to have outdoor access where it can smell new scents, sleep under the warm sun, and explore the yard.

8. Give Your Cat a Clean Space

Cats are cleanliness maniacs. They do not tolerate dirty spaces, not only on them but also on the area they stroll around. Give your cat a kitty toilet and clean it as often as you can. Scoop its poop immediately after the cat has used it.

Cat Food

There you have it! Eight tips to give you a bubbly bundle of fur and a fun time with your cat while keeping it happy.

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Lisa Eclesworth is a notable and influential lifestyle writer. She is a mom of two and a successful homemaker. She loves to cook and create beautiful projects with her family. She writes informative and fun articles that her readers love and enjoy. You can directly connect with her on email – or visit her website.