Did you know that having pets in the workplace can boost productivity by helping physical and mental wellbeing? They provide companionship and alleviate stress which is an essential factor to consider when looking at job satisfaction. Other overlooked benefits of having a pet in the workplace are increased creativity due to added exercise among workers

So what do you think? Is it time to bring some furry friends into the office? Let’s delve a little bit deeper into the benefits of pets in the office or workplace.

Pets Increase Work Productivity and Boost Workforce Morale

Employers and employees have been open to pets in the workplace due to their effect on work-life balance. Pets seem to make long hours full of fun, as it helps them pass the time while also encouraging a break now and then. They remind you to take necessary breaks so your pet will be happy too! Inverse-Square, a custom application development company, has found personal success in adopting this approach.

Pets are a great distraction because they offer us time away from our project or problem to reflect on what’s going on without becoming too bogged down. Short walks, playtime for your office pet, or even just listening to music while you clean will provide some much-needed relief.

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Other companies, like Etsy, have found that pets in the workplace are an excellent way to keep morale high and provide a little comic relief. Laughter is just as contagious as stress and negativity but comes with enhanced communication skills or increased productivity.

Studies prove that having your pet around lowers blood pressure levels and anxiety to work more cordially without all of those pesky negative feelings coming into play! As pet’s are such an integral part of our lives, many employers get pet insurance to help cover treatment costs.

Pets Save Costs on Medical Treatment

Pet ownership is good for your health. This finding was recently confirmed with quantitative data from the Human-Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI). Before this study, qualitative studies had reinforced pet’s benefits on people without providing any factual evidence of their monetary worth.

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Pets are one of the best ways to stay healthy and save money. They provide companionship, exercise, stress relief – all for a small fee every month! 132.8 million pet owners have saved $11.37 billion in physician office visits, and 20 million households that walk their dogs five times a week show lower obesity rates. It’s been shown pet owners save $419 million annually from healthcare costs alone.

Loneliness in Jobs

Some jobs don’t offer much in terms of either social interactions or human companionship. This situation could potentially lead people suffering from anxiety and depression into having even worse symptoms. Pets can help provide extra comfort and security in the workplace, which comes with added company. If the workplace happens to be the source of your isolation, a pet significantly alleviates this issue.

Pets are also incapable of judging based on social constructs, unlike your colleagues at work. Work relationships can be complex and are conditional due to both parties having to work together. A pet’s love is unconditional, providing support regardless of what you did or didn’t do at last week’s board meeting.

Touch Deprivation

Pets often know what to do during difficult times because they understand human emotions so well. This is why they typically become extra attentive with pet owners as soon as things start going downhill emotionally, whether the owner has depression or just lost someone close (or both). Dogs are also more comforting than cats due to their natural inclination toward forming social bonds with humans through physical contact.

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All humans are hardwired for physical contact. Studies show that even a gentle touch can calm bodily functions like your heart rate and breathing, while the absence of any form of human connection may cause loneliness or depression in some cases. Studies have shown human-pet interaction reduces cortisol levels, your stress hormone. Other studies have confirmed pet owners have fewer anxiety bursts in Alzheimer’s patients and can relieve depression for AIDS carriers.

Pets Encourage Office Employees to Adopt Healthier Lifestyle Changes

While some dogs enjoy lounging all day in their favorite spot, most office pups need to get out and see the world. You don’t want your four-legged friend’s energy levels to skyrocket while yours are plummeting because they had a chance for an exciting walk outside! Because of a dog’s need to expend its energy, office workers will have to walk the pup to maintain its health and emotional well-being. Frequent aerobic exercise has shown to improve your cardiovascular system, build strength and endurance and help with weight management.