Worldwide 57%of the consumer population owns pets, dogs and cats are the most popular domesticated companion that most people have. Let’s check some pet-friendly fabrics that are best for our canine and feline pet buddies.

Fur won’t stick to leather; this makes the right choice for people with pets. Because of it, you can easily vacuum the falling pet coat on top of your couch. However, this material is not safe from scratches. By all means, you should keep your pet nails trimmed to avoid puncturing the leather. You can keep leather in pristine conditions by using a cover to protect your upholstery from pet scratch.


Synthetic microfiber is also an excellent selection; it doesn’t rip or scratch easily. In addition to this, you can even wipe the furs away by your hand or with a lint brush. This material even if stained, is easy to clean with mild soap and water.

Denim is very durable and can be lightly maintained too. Like other pet-friendly materials, denim can be cleaned by soap and water. Others use baking soda paste; this foamy procedure will make some stains separate effortlessly from the fabric. You can also vacuum off any stray pet hair or use the adhesive side of the tape to pick fur on top of it.


Above all this, nothing beats extra precaution. Pet lovers should be prepared for having them inside the house, and a canvas slipcover is highly advisable for pet owners. Covering your furniture with canvas will make it safe from foreseen damages as you raise a dog or a cat in your home. You can remove this if you have trained your pet well as they mature. Washing this canvas in the machine is also applicable.

As an essential guide for choosing pet-friendly fabrics, look for something with a tight weave. Fortunately, some heavy-duty materials can withstand a few claw marks, prevent clinging pet hair, and resist dirt marks and stains due to the occasional accident from a cat or dog on the couch. It is best to put this consideration before choosing a piece of furniture fabric for your sofa.

Mostly depending on the colour of your pets’ fur, fabric colours also help. Choosing solid and dark colours will make your pet hair very visible. On the other hand, lighter ones will help hide it. It is up to you whether you want it to be seen quickly or hide it in plain sight.


But I sincerely suggest that you make it more visible so you can take it off straightforwardly as it piles up. I think having a couch that looks like a pet is not very inviting to sit on. Bear in mind that some fabrics like chenille, velvet, and silk are all fabrics you should avoid for pet-friendly fixtures.

Using these fabrics might ruin your day more above the furniture. Having a cat in your home or a dog is a huge responsibility, alongside taking care of your upholstery. Knowing the best material mixed with a lot of patience could turn you and your pet a harmonious coexistence.