Your pet dog is your most loyal friend. But having a pet comes with some responsibilities too. You need to take care of him and his needs at all times. This includes bathing your pet, feeding him with food, cleaning up after him, playing with him, and monitoring his health as well. But one might get anxious trying to do all the things and tend to forget the most basic necessities such as trimming your pet dog’s black nails.

>What’s a Quick part of Dog Nails?

The quick is actually the innermost sensitive part of your dog’s toes that has nerves and small blood capillaries which provide nourishment to their nails. Finding this sensitive part is so hard when all your dog’s nails are black. But you don’t have anything to worry about as we are going to tell you how to cut a dog’s black nails at home without hurting any part of his toenails. You just need to pay attention to the process and carefully follow all the instructions written below.

1.Learn About Your Dog

Learning more about your dog’s breed can help you understand more about him. Generally speaking, the toenails of dogs are actually made up of two parts. One part is the protein that makes up the hard outer structure of nails while the second part is the inner delicate core. The core consists of a small group of blood vessels and a tangled mess of nerves. The nerves don’t have endings in the nail part itself which is why when you cut the nails, it doesn’t hurt your dog. However, if you cut or even scratch the quick part, it can cause your dog immense pain. Therefore, you should always be careful not to hurt the delicate quick part of the toenails.

2. Choosing the Right Nail Trimming Tool

There are all sorts of nail trimming tools available in the market which makes it hard to know what will be the right choice. There are Scissor-style trimmers as well as Nail Grinders and various types of nail clippers. We recommend you go for the nail grinders because these are the modern world gadgets made to achieve perfection when trimming your dog’s nails. They work really well for getting rid of those black dog nails. But you can also try using a bit of Styptic powder. It is known for contacting the blood vessels. This will help in preventing any future damages.

3. Trim Nails Little by Little

Once you’ve found the right nail tool, you shouldn’t jump into the trimming process. Just take your time and calm your dog first. Hold your dog’s toe gently and slowly trim its nails using the nail trimmer. It is better that you trim your pet dog’s nails little by little. This way you can avoid errors and be more careful about finding the quick part of the toenails. Just trip a small part and check the toenail’s size and appearance. If you observe a little pulpy spot coming up, it’s time to move to the next nail.

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Trimming overgrown dog nails is already a tough job but if the nails are black, it just adds up to the complexity of the situation. But following the instructions given above would be a great help for all dog owners.