It’s nothing new if I say that siblings have a great impact on each other’s life. Researchers have proved that siblings do inspire each other. As a matter of fact siblings look up to each other especially the elder one simply because the elder ones usually play the role model for the younger one during childhood. Younger’s usually imitate whatever the oldest one does and they are kind of responsible for their actions even though they don’t sign for this. Parents also blame the older one for everything that little one does. Now, whether you are the one who imitates or the one who gets the scolding (means the elder one), you will know that as a matter of fact your sibling helped you to learn, guided you, and built patience. Yes, that sibling rivalry helped you to build up patience and you never noticed?

If you are a girl who is reading this, sure you would agree that having a sister is way more better than struggling a life with a bro. You get an extended wardrobe, you can share secrets, discuss boys and share some common interests. If nothing else, at least she is a normal size person who you can pin down during a fight contrary to a big giant bro. But you know,that big giant bro is your personal bodyguard. He is that man figure in your life who is not too fatherly, nor too possessive like your boyfriend but does keep you clear of the bad guys. Though it can be challenging to live with them at times, he is the one who protects  you when life throws balls at you and don’t even give you a bat. If it was not your bro, whom would you send rakhi to on the day of raksha bandhan, right? So, if you are still struggling to make peace with your brother or are someone who loves their bro very much, following are some points that tell us why brothers are an important creature in your life.

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Strong shoulder to lean on

Blessed are you if you have a brother because brothers always stand by your side through your thick and thins. You know as kids we usually don’t face high turbulences and thus we don’t realise the importance of a brother because everything is smooth. But as we grow up, things usually don’t go this smooth and there are highs and lows in everyone’s life. So, when you are stuck between these turbulences, the one hand that never retreats is your brother’s. He is always there when you need a strong shoulder to lean on and get back to life.

Brothers are perfectly imperfect

You know brothers change our tag from ‘only child’ to younger pr the elder one. Trust me on this, life would have been very different if you were a single child at home. Here is a transition when you welcome a sibling at home. You know brothers are just as messed up as you but they are good at hiding it and they rock their imperfections. This makes him perfect. I don’t know why but brothers are usually very confident and that is what we get to learn from them.

Emotion support you need

Brothers are emotionally stronger. Here, I said that. But it’s true. Either they are emotionally strong or are better at hiding it. That makes them a constant emotional support for you when you fall apart. Also, don’t we all just cheer up when they send rakh to Canada online to us on this day? No matter what is going on in life, everything just seems fine.

Protects you from bad soul

Brothers are usually this tall and sturdy basically double our size, right? Well, this makes them our bodyguard who saves us from all the evil that prevails in the outer world.

So, those are only a few points that highlight brothers’ importance in our life. I can go on and on and on because they are this special. Just a disclaimer, I’m in no way complaining having a sister with having a brother.Obviously both are two different rides that cannot be compared. I’m just pointing out the importance of a brother if you are blessed with one or more.