The Much Needed Wedding Checklist for a Bride and Groom

The Much Needed Wedding Checklist for a Bride and Groom

Your wedding is the best time to celebrate. It is a big day for the bride and groom, but it takes a lot of planning to have the perfect wedding. From makeup artists, decor, and hiring the best photographer, you would need to plan everything before hand.

Since you are a wedding date has been fixed, we thought of making a quick checklist for you. This will help you to plan the day and not have any last-minute rush. Take a look and work accordingly!


The Timeline

Ideally, the groom and bride should start planning 6-8 months before the wedding day. You must create a wedding folder in which you would be calculating the cost. If you are planning a small wedding, it takes less time as compared to a big fat wedding.

The Guest List

Before booking the venue, you must know the exact number of guests you intend to call. The sales team would ask you the estimate! You can tell the venue team about the tentative number, and once the wedding day is closer, the exact amount can be conveyed.

Working on the Budget

How much do you intend to spend on your wedding day? You would need to sit down with the family members and discuss the financials. Are both the families contributing? Finances should be transparent before you plan a wedding.

Reserving the Venue and Date

Winter weddings are trendy! If you are getting married in a peak season, consider booking the venue beforehand. It is safe to book the place 6-8 months before the date. If you are picking a popular venue, the dates get reserved a year before the day. You must book the venue and set the date.

The Wedding Card

Once the date and venue have been fixed, it is time to work on the wedding card. You can opt for something simple or exquisite. There are online print companies and stores near you, who will help you pick the best card for your day. You can always hire a friend to design your card!

Researching About Photographers and Makeup Artists

If you are hiring professional wedding photographers such as Styckie, you would need to book their services months before the big day. A professional photographer has several years of expertise. They do not need commands because they have all the necessary tools and techniques to create the best wedding album for you.

Makeup is essential, and you must research about the best artists near you. Get a trial before you hire a makeup artist for the day. Once you find the best photographer and makeup artists, you must employ them before it is too late!

Purchasing the Outfits

Never buy a wedding dress a year before the big day. You might gain or lose weight. It is safe to buy the wedding dress/outfit 5-6 months before the big day.

The Perfect Decor

You have probably dreamt about the wedding venue! Most of the brides and grooms know about what type of decor they want! Research about the best decorators in your area. You can also ask your colleagues or friends whether they know anyone in their circle. Take the decorator to the venue and explain to them as to what all you need.

Takeaway Advice

Hiring a florist, booking hotel rooms for guests, selecting a caterer, and planning your honeymoon should be added to your checklist.

We hope that this post was helpful to you! It would be ideal for planning the day and making all the arrangements. The last-minute mess is too much to deal with! To have a stress-free and beautiful wedding, do create a checklist that includes all the pointers mentioned above.

Have a lovely wedding!