Lately, there has been a lot of fuss about parenting techniques and tools. Is it because healthy and positive parenting is no more a piece of cake?

Do you think new technological changes make parenting easy? Perhaps, technology is the reason parenting is more complicated and strategic now.

Things have changed since ancient times; earlier positive parenting was a simple form of discipline to develop a kid in all aspects of life. But now, due to the influence of gadgets and digital attractions, parents have started seeking positive parenting tips to handle the pressure of good child-care. They can find these tips in this parenting guide ebook.

One cannot blame technology for all the mistakes. Working hours of parents are equally blamed for the difficulty faced in parenting. Not one but both spouses are work to earn and barely get time to spend with their children. Distance from parents and distraction of gadgets makes nurturing a tough row to hoe. So, let’s read through some new habits to activate the constructive development of kids. You can always look for the best baby apps for new parents.

10 Positive Parenting Tips for New Age Technology Parents

1.   Listen to your kids

Parents like to blabber and lecture kids relentlessly. They often fail to learn that the way to a kid’s mind is through their mouth. Not literally, figuratively! Let your kids talk about their day to day life and anything that interests them.  And during the conversation, you may want to read between the lines.

2.    Talk one-to-one about healthy topics

Parents converse with kids, but they forget to discuss the essential points. Your kids don’t need your pushing but need the discussion to stay alert. Talk about food, exercise, good manners, online ethics, incidents, etc.

3.   Set routines

Your child may dislike it now, but they will thank you one day for defining a routine. Define a routine for every hour of the day, including free time.  Right from morning to bedtime, outline a strict yet doable schedule.

4.    Seek help in household work

Few parents see household jobs as a distraction in a child’s enjoyment and academic learning. This philosophy is old fashioned and barely helps the kid today. Include your kid in every possible chore. Set aside a job like dishwashing for them. This not only makes them responsible but also starts the creation of an independent individual.

5.    Add humor and positive thinking in parenting-

When one idea fails, look for another. Sometimes being the bad cop flops in a parent-child relationship, you may have to choose the path of humor and optimism to strike the right chord. Be a positive parent and use humor to communicate your thoughts.

6.    Teach Problem-solving and decision making

Stop being the caretaker and helper in every problem of a kid’s life. Stop being the referee in quarreling siblings. Watch your kid from a distance to instill the habit of problem-solving and decision making.

7.   Add sports and physical activities

Practically, your kid needs to grow into an all-rounder. For cultivating valuable ethics and essential life lessons, kids should pursue sports and any form of physical activities. Another advantage of games and physical activity is mental well-being, which will act as a bonus to their healthy lifestyle.

8.   Teach rejection and acceptance

A kid can never accept challenges and risks unless they know what rejections and disappointments sound like. Your child needs to learn to take NO and fail in some aspects of life. They need to outgrow disappointments and rise through difficult situations. Don’t accept their unreasonable demands and never agree to their requests immediately.

9.    Encourage technology within a limit

Technology is a blessing and not even in disguise. It is the most proficient and advanced instrument bestowed on mankind. If digital gadgets are explored wisely, kids will benefit from the competency in store. The only caveat is the “Limit.” Overexposure only leads to addiction, which modern day parents cannot afford.

10.   Encourage Family time

No time can replace the time spent with Family. Indulging in family get-togethers is a therapy. It not only benefits the upbringing of a child but facilitates positive feeling in a depressed soul.

How can a Parental Control App Help in Positive Parenting?

Child care in the digital age is more robust than one can imagine. Kids resort to technology for every task. They have more friends on Facebook than in real life. Perhaps, children find online gaming apps fascinating than real outdoor tracks.

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To help kids inculcate good habits, parental control is a wise option. Restrict screen time, inappropriate content, and time-wasting apps by using the Bit Guardian Parental Control. Besides blocking, the app aids in tracking kids’ whereabouts.

Enjoy the beautiful journey of a parent by following these 10 tips and install the Bit Guardian Parental Control app to make the parenting trip easier.