Before you start learning a new instrument, you need to ask yourself a few questions before you begin playing instruments as drums. Are you committed to this new instrument? Do you have the time to practice? By answering these questions, you can see if this is something that you really want to do!

How to master the basics as a beginner on drums

If you’re thinking of joining a music class, signing up for an online tutoring session for drumming, or teaching yourself how to play the drums, you might have a few questions before you get started – and that is normal!

By using resources like Producer Confidential to help you feel confident and motivated to continue learning this skill, you can make sure that you adhere to your practice schedule and you see progress in no time at all!

Why do I want to learn the drums and what is my goal?

Before you begin the drums, ask yourself – why do I want to learn? If you want to learn just to make someone else happy or you feel pressured to learn the drums from external influences, chances are you will not enjoy it.

However, if you are interested in playing drums because it is a passion of yours and a new hobby, then go for it! By realizing that you need to work hard to become good at drums and succeed in the music industry, you can stay committed to this new skill in the long run.

playing drums

Can I soundproof my room or apartment?

At the beginning of learning drums, it might sound like a lot of loud noises with very little music prowess – but that is okay, that is the part of learning that is hard to get past – and hard for your neighbors to enjoy!

In this case, consider asking if you can soundproof your space so you do not annoy your neighbors, housemates, or your parents.

What drums can I afford?

If you are nervous that you will not be able to afford a drum kit, use Producer confidential to learn where to find an affordable solution for you and your budgetary concerns. Whether you just have to start with one drum, like the snare drum, or you are playing a used drum kit, you can always find options that work with your financial state.

How can I find a teacher for me?

The next step in finding out if you are interested in taking drums as a beginner is to find the right teacher for your schedule and your needs. If you are interested in taking lessons every day after school, find a teacher that can work with your schedule.

But how do you know who is qualified? Use Producer Confidential to find out how to tell who is a qualified teacher, who has the experience, and how to know what they are talking about when it comes to drum basics.

Make sure your teacher can teach you the basics of drumming before moving out more advanced aspects.


If you are thinking about starting drumming for a new hobby or passion, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before you begin. By using Producer Confidential to provide you with extra information and resources to help you feel confident during the process, you can answer questions regarding your goals, your motivation, and your time commitment.