Bow hunting requires excellent skills if you want to kill a deer on your very first try. But this also means that enough practice is required so you don’t embarrass yourself in front of your hunting buddies. The Bow Hunting Camo will keep you hidden from the deer and make sure that you kill a deer during your hunting trip. You will not always be lucky enough to get the perfect chance at hunting down a deer but when you get the chance, you mustn’t miss this chance due to any mistake. ​

Bow Hunting Tricks

1- Tree Stand Placement

When you are hunting out in the wild, it is important to lace the tree stand at the right height and place. This will ensure that you are placed in such a way that keeps you hidden from the deer but also gives you a chance at the perfect shot. When you are using a rifle, the distance can be greater but for a bow hunting trip; the distance between you and the deer should be calculated to perfection.

2- Camouflage

This cannot be emphasized enough; camouflage is the most important thing when you are bow hunting. If you are hunting in the wild, you cannot be standing there as a human rather camouflage like a tree or something that blends you in the environment.

3- Scent Control

Deer have a sensitive sense of smell; they can smell you before they see you or feel your presence and this is the reason hunters often do not find any deer when go hunting. This is where scent eliminating tools comes into play. Hunting stores have scent eliminating soap as well as detergents that can be used to eliminate your scent.

hunting tricks

4- Stealthy and Quiet

Staying quiet is an important step when it comes to hunting especially a deer. Deer have a very strong sense of hearing and they feel your presence immediately. When you are walking to your position or are already on the post; stay quiet and concentrate.

5- Don’t Get into Patterns

Determine which deer you want to hunt and then make sure you are aware of its routine but do not let your routine be known to the deer.

6- Avoid UV Soaps

When you buy scent eliminating soap, it is important to buy the soap that doesn’t have UV brighteners, or else it will make you glow in front of the deer. Deer see cool colors and they appear brighter to them than other colors.

7- Don’t Rely on Calls

Since the deer also have sensitive hearing, you need to ensure that you do not talk when you are waiting for your prey. When you are hunting in a group, go for the sign language that you use to communicate with one another, or else there are little chances that you will end up hunting a deer.

The more you are cautious, the more the chances are that you will remain hidden from the deer. Make sure you have a strategy before you go hunting.