Did you know that every year near about 485,000 big trucks meet with accidents? Regardless of how watchful and careful you are, accidents will still happen. Reports reveal that truck accidents have kept rising like never before, mainly due to the size of the vehicle. The damage caused by trucks is huge due to their massive size. The chances of getting killed or seriously hurt are also much more than in other vehicles.

It is vital to know about the steps that you need to take immediately after a truck accident as this can help you save money and time. Check out the steps that you should take before calling your Houston truck accident attorney.

Stay put and report the accident

Each and every party that is involved in an accident should stay put at the scene of the accident. You should first ensure that everyone is protected and that your car is parked at a safe place. Turn on the hazard lights so that other drivers notice you. Call 911 in case anyone is seriously hurt in the accident. The police will determine the situation and fill out every accident report that is required.

Recognize all the parties involved in the crash

Ensure you grab all details about other parties that are involved in the crash and get the names of eyewitnesses. If you or the other truck driver is at fault, you need all these details for the liable parties who are held responsible. You will need this information when you move on to get your compensation.

Click pictures of the scene

If you think it is possible, you should click some photographs of the accident site. However, this step should only be considered when you’re not seriously hurt and you’re physically able. In case you need to file a lawsuit, later on, pictures can play a big role as witnesses. These pictures can let the court understand how bad the accident was.

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Exchange details of the accident

At the scene of the accident, make sure you exchange details with the other party if that’s possible for you. Get the name of the truck company, the name of the driver, and information on their insurance company. You also need to collect the contact details for the trucking company, the driver, and the insurance company.

Get medical attention

After the police arrive and finish their report, try to get medical attention. No matter how you feel, you should get yourself treated medically. At the moment of the accident, your adrenaline might keep you from feeling the pain. If you don’t seek medical treatment, you won’t receive compensation for your injuries, in case they appear later. There are several injuries that may take at least 24 hours to appear.

Therefore, now that you’re aware of the steps to take after a truck accident, you should follow them in the event of a crash. Get the help of an attorney who can represent you in court and help you win the settlement.