When it comes to preferences, most men get skeptical about how their bedroom should look like. Even though in most cases it all falls on a more muscular style, bedroom décor should still mainly consist of your tastes. However, single guys out there must pay attention to details since those petite accents give out your uniqueness to a potential partner. Plus, a finely decorated single guy’s bedroom may show off your character and tell an interesting story that may attract your date. Hence, here are some practical and sensational tips to design a perfect muscular bedroom.

men bedroom

  • Sleek simplicity

Very often the best design is minimalism. If you are designing a bedroom for a single guy, you only need to think of the practicality of the room and keep things posh and simple. Don’t overdo with colors or objects. Have a large bed in the center of the room, white or grey sheets with fancy and soft blankets and cushions, paint the walls beige or grey or maybe add a touch of vivid pattern, and place a cutting-edge sofa. The built-in closet is perfect for single guys as it firstly covers all your jammed clothes, and secondly, it looks elegant and rich.

  • Add natural accents

A bachelor pad should still give out some personal interests with some mysterious and eye-catching accessories. For single guys planning a bedroom, the best tip is to resort to natural elements. Place a multicolored Persian rug, add a leather Turkish Ottoman, or hang a boho-inspired art which you can find here – https://skullbliss.com/ , for instance. With nature-inspired details, you give out an adventurous insight into your character, which is always very attractive. If you desire to incorporate more nature-inspired details you can add a nice succulent plant, place a 1930s wardrobe, or a vintage record player for soothing nights.

  • Tech up

Most guys aiming to live individually strive to incorporate their lifestyle into their bedroom no matter how long they plan to stay single. That’s why you should have some of your technological items installed in your bedroom in contrast to the popular belief that the bedroom should not be your “game room”. You want a space that will accommodate your style so have a built-in TV to catch up with the morning news, also add built-in audiovisual equipment and even superb blackout curtains.

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  • Stick with tasty hues, textiles, and patterns

As a hard-working man, you deserve to have only the best amenities in your bedroom. If you ravish your bedroom with a lot of colorful items, your eyes might sore once you get back from a business trip. Have the walls painted in white, black, or grey and splash some color with dazzling artwork. The bed should be your top priority so get only the top-quality sheets, and use soft neutral textiles like cashmere, linen, or wool. Don’t be afraid to break the bank when it comes to buying a mattress as it plays a pivotal role in coziness.

  • Aim for functionality

In the end, a bedroom is a place to resort to after a tiring day amongst many other things. For that sole reason, you must make sure that you have a plug right next to your bedside table for your telephone and other technological gadgets. Get a special drawer where you would place all your ties, accessories, and other amenities that you use daily, so they would always be by your side. Install special light fixtures that suit your eye after a long day and get a soothing aromatherapy machine for added relaxation.

men bedroom

Designing a bedroom takes thorough planning and incorporation of all your hobbies and preferences so you would enjoy spending time in it maximally.