Fixed vs. Movable Glass Table Tops- When & Why Should Use Them

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Glass tables have gained popularity in the 21st century due to their convenience and the modernity they introduce to homes. Glass materials are associated with a class which makes them popular among home and office owners.

There are many designs of glass tables which can be utilized for various purposes within a home and in the office. You can buy different designs of glass tables available at fab glass and mirrors.

The company offers you affordable and high-quality glass tables that will help you upgrade your living room. Depending on the type of glass table that you need, you may have to spend different amounts on your budget. For instance, a living room coffee table has a different budgetary requirement compared to the dining area table.

The most common types of glass tables include fixed and movable types. They are different in designs and technique of their operations. However, they both help in making your living room look elegant and attractive.

Comparing the fixed type of tekta glass table tops with the movable type, there is a disparity in the benefits and how they should be used. The fixed type is, however, the most popular while the movable type is less popular.

Comparing their pricing, the movable table tops are more expensive due to the complex technique of production that is employed. This article will include a discussion of how the two types of glass tables differ from each other and why or when they should be used.

What are the Fixed Glass Table Tops

quality glass tableThe fixed glass table tops those are placed in the living room with no complex designs and with fixed bases can be classified as fixed. Ideally, the fixed table tops are those that do not have a design that would allow them to be customized to be used for another activity other than the original intended one.

For instance, when a round glass coffee tables is placed in the living room, it is purposed to be used for placing coffee cups when people are around it. This type of table cannot be adjusted to serve a larger number of people than what it was designed to serve. Fixed glass table tops are rigid and usually come as one single set. This is more comfortably used in large spaces where there is a need to maintain elegance and a more comfortable environment.  Most homes have fixed type glass tables even though they are more traditional than modern.

Why they should be used

They Are Easy to Handle

Fixed glass coffee tables are easy to handle as they do not have complex designs. All that I needed is to identify a position where they are going to be positioned. The table is then placed at the spot without having to do anything else.

They are affordable

Affordability is a factor every home or office owner wants to include in their renovation or upgrade plans. Most fixed glass table tops are affordable due to their simple designs. However, if they have a custom made base and a top, they can be costly.

When they should be used

In spacious houses

Do you have a spacious living room and you would like to enhance the home with glass tables. Well, having eh fixed type of glass tables would be the perfect option for you. They are useful in large spaces if you have a   large number of people in need of using them. For instance, a fixed oval shaped glass table top can be used for the dining table and be used by many people at once.

During events

During events, you are always in need to make it look top notch and classy. Using delicate tables would not be advised since it would result in serious losses in case of accidents. However, with the fixed types of glass table tops, they are more stable, and they are more suitable to be used during events.

What are Movable Glass Table Tops?

Have you ever wanted to enhance your home with glass tables but did not know what to choose? The movable glass table tops is a type that is designed to be changed to different sizes, shapes as necessary.

Some are foldable; others are mounted on moving stands among other designs. They are more conveniently useful in small apartments where there is not much space available to play around with furniture. If you need getting tables to improve home interior and you have confined space, you should consider the movable glass table tops.

Whey they should be used

They Help to Save on Space

The foldable type of lass table can be used in small spaces when it is necessary.  This is then folded when not being used and hence saves in space. When space where it is placed is covered with a fixed table top, there would be an inconvenience since space would be scarce.

They are Versatile

Versatile glass table tops is an invention of the 21st century. The nested glass table tops are some of the most modern glass designs that make it convenient to use glass tables when there are few people and also during events crowded by many people. The nested design has two table tops that are fitted together with the help of movable joints.

When a few people use the table, only one of the table tops is in use; however, when there are more people, the second glass top sheet is retracted from its position. Sometimes, the glass table tops can slide over each other making a long table to be shorter. Such tables can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Using tables to improve the home interior is a norm for many modern homeowners.  Everyone is looking for a way they can improve the look of the interior of their home without making it look congested and clumsy. You have an option of using either the fixed or movable glass table tops to achieve your dreams of a better interior.