How to handle if a tire burst and you’re going at high speed


Studies indicate that 66% of a tire explosion accident at speeds higher than (100 kilometers) per hour leads to fatal incidents.

Reports also suggest that most of them could have been avoided if the driver was able to act properly and this is what you should do here.

So how do we behave if a tire bursts and you are driving at a high speed?

Imagine you are driving your car with you and the family on a highway at a fast speed around 120 kilometers/hour and suddenly the sound of loud explosion occurs followed by a severe car drifting.

Do NOT act instinctively and press on the brakes or the car will spin around itself and turn over several times.

So here’s what you should do:
1. Always drive on the appropriate speed limit. No matter how professional driver you are, there are limits to physically overtake any car that becomes impossible to control.

Hands on Wheel
2.When a tire bursts, try to remain calm as possible and firmly hold the steering wheel with both hands.

no brakes
3. It is the most important to keep your foot off the brake and do not press it period!
4. Stay on course; do not try to divert it or get out of the road. Stay on the straight path as much as possible.
5. If your car with a manual transmission, change the gear to the lowest gradually. Do not to this step only after making sure you control the car well.

Foot on Brake
6. When you decrease speed to 50 km/h you can apply brake pressure gently until the car stops.

In the end there are little things that we can control, but from the start we can PREVENT accidents by driving safely!




  1. The most important part of this article, in my opinion, is the fact that you mentioned that you should try to remain calm and hold the steering wheel firmly if you feel a tire pop. I also appreciate that you mentioned that we should try to prevent accidents by driving safely, but I also understand there are situations that can be unexpected and we can’t prevent. From my point of view, you should always have the contact information for roadside assistance in case an accident happens and you need help to fix it or get out of it.


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