Top 4 Custom Truffle Boxes that Help to Promote Brand Awareness

Chocolate truffles

Whether it’s a birthday bash, wedding celebration, a family get together, or another event, truffles definitely add fun to your celebrations. Truffle usually refers to a type of chocolate confectionery, made with a chocolate ganache center coated in cocoa powder, chocolate, or chopped toasted nuts. It is often in a conical, spherical or curved shape.

To present these scrumptious delicacies, custom truffle boxes stand out as a unique and artistic packaging solution. The best-customized box will not only add more life to celebrations but also play a role when it comes to boosting brand awareness. Placing truffles in stylish boxes can help to create a passion among potential clients. It helps to give a completely new experience and attracts chocolate lovers.

truffle box

If you are new to running a truffle business, then here’s a quick guide to the top four types of truffle boxes that could enhance your business or brand name.

1. Kraft Custom Truffle Boxes

If you are searching for a way to keep things lightweight and diverse from the original cardstock or cardboard truffle boxes, then you should consider Kraft truffle boxes. Rather than having them packaged in any other packaging material, you can opt for eco-friendly solutions like these. When you choose the right packaging and printing company, such as The Legacy Printing, you can have lamination done in spot UV, or any other desired printing option. Kraft boxes also allow different printing or customization options, and you can have them customized in accordance to the event or occasion. You can also make a die cut on the top, which will not only improve the appearance of the box but also allow customers to peek into the boxes and view the encased products. This serves as a good strategy to entice them to your products.

2. Rigid Truffle Packaging Boxes

Rigid truffle boxes are also a perfect choice for packaging, especially if you wish to add some elegant touch to the truffle boxes. A good thing about this packaging option is that you can have them manufactured in different colors, including silver and gold. This box type is most suitable if you wish to give them as gifts to your close friends or family. All you will need is a ribbon to tie around the box and it is set to go. The best part is it won’t require extra printing or embellishments. It is a cost-friendly and easy to carry packaging solution. You can ask your custom packaging and printing company to manufacture them as per your requirements.

3. Sleeve Custom Truffle Boxes

Sleeve truffle packaging boxes are lightweight options in packaging boxes, but keep in mind they require a lot of care. As the name suggests, these boxes come with a base tray that pulls out from the top box (the sleeve). You can have these printed in different patterns; add your brand name, logo, and ingredient details on the box. The best thing about these boxes is you can also have a die cut on them, which give a unique touch to the box and serve as a way to entice buyers. It helps to give them an idea of whether the truffles are fresh or not, and whether they have the right coatings on them or not.

4. Transparent Truffle Boxes

As the name implies, these are transparent boxes. However, prior to choosing them, it is best to consult more than one packaging company to get an idea whether they can meet your needs. Else, stickers are a decent option to decorate the top. The custom truffle boxes look great and it is completely up to you on how you wish to customize them. You could have the surface manufactured in transparent or any other material that best meets your needs.

Try to keep things simple and see which type of packaging box would best serve your truffle business. For better advice, consult a custom printing and packaging company. A quick search over the internet can give you hundreds of recommendations, pick the one that meets your time and budget.