In the event that you’ve recently purchased an e-scooter, then the chances are high that the performance declined after a couple of months. This shows that it needs maintenance which is necessary in order for it to perform well. By regularly maintaining your scooter, you will get to fully enjoy it.

So, when it comes to having a high performance scooter for many years, will now look at some of the maintenance tasks that you need to regularly implement.

To start with, you need to charge the battery as needed. E-scooters by nature require a battery to work and without the battery, it would basically be a manual scooter.

Most of these e-scooters come with lithium ion batteries which are quite different from the lead acid batteries that were used years ago. The lithium ion batteries last a lot longer and are more functional. However, these batteries have a particular life cycle and you need to fully charge them after every ride or every couple of days so that you can make the most of them.

Tip – You should try your best to ensure the batteries don’t become completely drained. When the battery is completely drained, it has to go through a full charging cycle to become fully charged. If this is done regularly, the battery would no longer be able to go up to full charge and this will reduce how far you can go with your scooter. Instead, it is much better to charge your batteries after each ride.

You should also store your e-scooter in a safe and dry area. This will help to keep it safe and ensure it doesn’t get damaged.

There are a couple of factors that determine the best places to store your scooter. Two of the most important factors are temperature and exposure to sunlight. Your storage space should be free from any direct sunlight and the temperature shouldn’t be too hot or cold but stable. By storing your scooter in a space with extreme hot or cold temperatures, this can actually cause parts within the scooter to become damaged or break much earlier than they should.

Tip – If you intend on using the scooter to do errands regularly, then you should try to store it indoors when you can. This will help to protect it against wear and tear as well as the weather at night.

Before you go riding on your scooter, make sure that you check the pressure of your tires. You should do this, no matter what type of ride you have. Your tires need to be well inflated so that there isn’t additional pressure being placed on the motor. It is easy to check the pressure of the tires by using a bike tire gauge.

You should also inspect your tires regularly to ensure they don’t have any damages. Regular inspection will ensure you know exactly what is going on with your tires and if they need to be replaced. By keeping your tires at the correct pressure, this will ensure that the inner tube lasts as long as possible.

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Whenever you ride your e-scooter, you should always carry along a patch kit. This will ensure that you can fix any simple problems as they occur.

It is important to check the cables regularly since these are necessary for the e-scooter to function and effectively engage the breaks. However, if the breaks are in a bad state and they are damaged, rusty or old, they would likely not work properly. This can cause the breaks to even fail while using the scooter, which is something you need to avoid as much as possible for your own safety and the safety of others.

So, make sure to check the cables regularly and that the plastic casing on them is always in good condition. You should also check the throttle cable regularly.

The breaking system should also be checked which includes the rotors, brake pads etc. In the event that you notice that something is wrong with your braking system, you should get it fixed asap.

Tip – If there is any damage to your brakes, the cables or even the housing, it is best to take the e-scooter to a professional instead of attempting to fix it yourself.


The inner components of your e-scooter should be cleaned and kept lubricated as much as possible. You should aim to clean your scooter at least one time per week since this will go a long way in preventing damage.

Also, when you get rid of dirt, dust, mud etc, this will go a long way in maintaining your scooter and ensuring that nothing is in the way to possibly jam your wheels. The joints should also be well lubricated to prevent grinding.

Tip – When cleaning your scooter, use slightly warm water while doing so. However, take care that you don’t get the inner electrical parts wet. Also, when lubricating, make sure that you use the correct lubricants that are meant for e-scooters and not just any lubricant you have available.

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