Being an artist, you may be a person who wants to stay low-key. But while promoting artwork, you have to step out of your comfort zone and explore various promotion methods. Every artist loves an honest appreciation and love. Online platforms like Instagram are an excellent option for promoting your artwork on a large scale. Patience, engagement, and maintenance is the key to a successful promotion.

Let’s have a look at various ways to promote artwork on Instagram.

Start with Creating the Account

The first step is to create an account that suits your endeavor. For example, you can initially make a standard account and change it to a business account.

Mention your email id, website link, offline gallery address, and all the details. Through a business account, you get so many added options and can track your progress easily.

A Finished Post



Instagram is a dominant image platform. Therefore, your posts must be complete and polished. For example, suppose you want to take prints of photos, they must be eye-catching and clicked professionally.

A mere photo is an incomplete post; you have to write a perfect caption. The caption must describe the image and all other necessary details. Captions written in the photo are most of the time eye-catching, so you might want to consider adding a caption to the photo.

Don’t Forget the Hashtags

A hashtag is a word or sentence followed by a hash symbol. The similar hashtagged words have similar things, and you can open them by clicking on the hashtag.

So while uploading a post, choose clever hashtags. For example, if you are a painter, go with all the forms of painting names.

Ask People to Review

Ask your friends and buyers to review your artwork on their stories and post and tag your account. Some excellent and genuine reviews will help you to gain trust. You can repost their thoughts and can highlight all of them under the story highlight section.

Make the Process Fun

Make it light and chill by streaming live on Instagram stories. Introduce your team, share your journey, and much more. Then, answer the questions and ask for suggestions.

Show videos of art-making through live sessions and ask for improvements. Then, tell them what you are up to next and create a healthy relationship.

Giveaway Contests

Arrange a give-away contest. For example, you can pick a random follower. Or you can ask the people to comment on the recent post, and the best comments win the contest. Engaging through contests draws a large audience.

Some Tips for Victorious Engagement

  • Maintenance and engagement are very crucial for promotion. Be very active on your account if you are busy with all the artwork. You can hire some professionals to manage your account.
  • Share your posts on your stories because people view stories more than posts.
  • Always reply to comments and messages. Communicate as much as you can so you can find what the audience is looking for.
  • Follow fellow artists’ pages and imbibe new ideas and stay in touch with them.
  • Ask the pages that promote the accounts to share and tag your account on their pages.
  • Invest in paid advertising on Instagram. The concerned people will follow you, for sure.
  • You can organize a live story session with fellow artists, and this will make you quite popular.
  • Make sure your selling process is fuss-free with free shipping and easy payment options. Include flexible replacement, return and refund policies.

Wrapping up

Patience, engagement, and maintenance should be a priority with the quality content. Be direct and honest with your audience. Start it low and gradually increase your market.

Your art will be appreciated, and you will gain followers. Success will motivate you to work harder on your craft.