Scrabble is a word game that we all know and love. Most of us have a Scrabble board stored away in our cupboards, and it is safe to say it is a timeless classic. Though Scrabble is an enjoyable game, it can have you scratching your head for word ideas. Suddenly, it becomes very challenging to unscramble letters.

Luckily, there are a few steps that you can follow to help improve your Scrabble gameplay. This short guide is going to tell you how. Take a look at our three top tips below.

Take Advantage Of Bonus Squares

Bonus squares are highly valuable parts of a Scrabble board. A bonus square is an area of the board that comes with additional special effects. A bonus square is earned by making words. For example, a bonus square may be a double word score. If you make a word using one of these squares, you will earn double points.

If you take advantage of these bonus squares, you can really start to work your way up the leader board. Don’t hesitate to read boardgame forums. Here, you will find valuable information from other players that will tell you how to reach these bonus squares. Some players even share their highest-scoring words, which can also give you some well-needed inspiration before heading into your next game.


Use A Scrabble Word Finder

What if we told you there was a tool out there that could help you enhance your Scrabble skills? After conducting a quick online search, you can gain access to useful tools like a Scrabble solver. You can use the tool to input up to 12 letters. Words are then generated from the letters you input, giving you new ideas. Tools like these are particularly useful if you are struggling to find new letter combinations.

Although you don’t want to use a tool like this while playing (as it may annoy who you are playing with), it is something you can play around with in your spare time to help you find words that you didn’t know existed. Next time you play, you’ll be loaded up with new word ideas to help you score high points. Check out the scrabble solver by visiting

Play Against Different People

Scrabble is a game that is all about strategy. So, if you play against the same people all the time, you could be hindering your chance to better your gameplay. If you play against different people, you will be able to learn from multiple different strategies. It is an opportunity to learn new words which you can use in your next game.

Why not host a Scrabble tournament at work? Doing this encourages new people to play. It also encourages a little friendly competition which is always a lot of fun. There is plenty of advice online when it comes to creating a Scrabble tournament. Conduct some research and use it as inspiration. If you want to better your gameplay, engaging with new players will certainly help.