Shifting home can be very stressful if you don’t plan it right. There may appear to be several issues even if you are planning and packing weeks ahead. Here, we will share some tips to make your moving easier.

Breaking down your moving in several phases like getting prepared, clearing out space, budgeting move, packing to move, last-minute check, and unpacking can help to reduce moving stress. In these phases, including a to-do list will allow you to get things done easily. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Tips to Make Moving Easier

Most people find it difficult to move as they find out there are tons of chores to do within a very short time. Breaking it down into several smaller phases and making a to-do list for those phases can help them from this overwhelming situation.

In this method, you can effectively manage the chores that seemed endless otherwise. Also, after completing each phase, you will find a sense of accomplishment that will encourage you to start the next phase of the moving process.

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Here is our suggestion for breaking down your moving:

Getting Prepared

In this phase, you start to prepare yourself and others to move. This phase will make you mentally prepared to leave your familiar place and embrace the new one. In this phase, you will need to accomplish the following chores:

● Transition the utility services: List the services you are receiving currently like internet, electricity, cable, trash collection, satellite, etc. Then make calls to your current provider to cancel them. Secondly, call the providers in your new place to let them know your arrival and ensure the connection beforehand.

● Find movers: Find authentic movers capable of moving your belongings with reliability and quality. Check out their website and ratings to know more about them.

● Plan moving method: You can hire a moving company to handle your whole move or save some cost by partially DIYing your move. Either way, chalk out the costs and make a list of supplies that you will need.

Clearing out Space

This second phase is very satisfying. Here, you get to get rid of things taking up space for no good reason. The tasks in this phase are:

● Closet Purge: Discard everything out of style, doesn’t fit, or you won’t wear again.

● Donate items: Give out items that you won’t need in your new space. Donate them to charities or hold a yard sale to finance your move.

● Hire storage if needed: If you are not sure about several items, if you need them or not, hire temporary storage near your new place to keep them.

Budgeting Your Move

Moving can cost a substantial amount of money. So, in this phase, you will need to determine how much you will need to pay and if you can save some money. The tasks needed to be done in this phase are:

● Determine moving company and date: Look at the available moving companies around you and get a cost estimation. Compare the packages they offer and determine how much it will cost you. If you want to save some money, avoid moving on the first and last day of the month or during weekends.

● Schedule your move: Schedule your move at the earliest possible time. The movers will have ample energy and alertness in the morning compared to later in the day.

● Find packing supplies: List the packing materials you will need to move your belongings. You can collect spare boxes from grocery stores and use towels and other soft items to protect your belongings to reduce cost.

Packing to Move

In this phase, you start packing to move. Here are a few tips to help you pack like a pro:

● Wrap the dresser drawers with plastic wrap without emptying. If your dresser is not too heavy, you can wrap the entire dresser at once.
● Leave clothes on the hanger and wrap them up with a garbage bag or hang them in the wardrobe box.
● Lebel boxes to easily sort them out.
● For bigger belongings like television, pack them in their original box if possible.

Last-Minute Check

Pack all your belongings before the day you are moving. Otherwise, moving can cost more time and money. Here are some things to do on your day of moving:

● Pack supplies you absolutely need in a separate box and cooler and keep them closer to you rather than sending them off in the pick-up truck.
● Send your kids or pets to other family members to save you from additional distraction.
● Plan how you are going to reach your new place from older ones.


You have successfully reached your new place. Now all you have to do is unpack. Here are a few tips to unpack:

● Burst out some tune during unpacking to keep you motivated and cheerful.
● Start with your kitchen supplies to unpack. It will make things easier.
● Discard empty boxes as soon as all the supplies come out. This will give you a sense of accomplishment.
● Take breaks during unpacking.
● Celebrate your moving with a takeout.

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Bottom Line

Moving is all about entering a new phase of your life to make new memories. Focus on this and start packing your belongings.

If you break down your moving into several phases and follow the tips mentioned above, it will become easier to accomplish. Make sure to ask for help from your closest ones if necessary. It is also possible to hire a moving company to handle packing, moving, and unpacking your belongings conveniently.

Make sure to check the moving company’s credibility thoroughly before hiring. This will ensure safer and quality moving for your belongings.