Here are six most annoying habits of men that women complain about all the time:

Multitasking is an impossible thing for men. They can not watch TV and talk with someone at the same time. If he’s watching a game , just do not try to discussing anything when the TV is open.

Women are always complaining that the toilet base is elevated because a man will recall closing it once but the next time, he won’t remember again. Chill out it and keep your blood pressure and heart rate steady as  there is no need to argue .

Cloths and chaos always cramp the room or bed. However, women also are doing it , so women should start cleaning up the room too.

Flatulence or “farting” does not imply men have to call the wind in the bathroom as in the drain or shower.

man shower

This also applies to leaving hair in places other than the right places .” So do not be surprised if you feel a strange smell up in the air.

Women usually pay attention to the little things like crumbs, but men never comprehend this concept.

Watch the bread crumbs on the couch after men finish eating their sandwiches, which many consider one of the most annoying habits.

Some men have superb cooking skills. In fact, many women love a man who cooks well, but do not expect them to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen when cooking a meal.