The royal color purple has fascinated many across the world, from aristocrats and celebrities to ordinary folks. And when it comes in a stunning stone form, the attraction is that much higher.

Dazzling with purple and deep violet shades, amethyst stones have captivated people with their beauty worldwide. You will find amethyst engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, and various other jewelry items in the market.

If you find it challenging to buy an amethyst ring, refer to the following points and do likewise.

Consider the color shade and weight of stone

The color of the amethyst is critical to keep in mind as it impacts the value. While amethyst is commonly distinguished from other stones because of its stark purple color, it also comes in shades of deep violet and lavender. A stone with a deep purple-reddish tinge with no clear color zoning has high value. In contrast, those with shades of brown, lavender, and lilac, among others, are worth much less.


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Typically, amethyst stones above twenty-five carats will gradually decrease in value as larger stones are readily available. The largest amethyst specimens are found chiefly in Brazil but may have color branding. Therefore, consumers mostly prefer smaller stones from Zambia as they have a more intense color.

There is a possibility that a stone may be treated

Most gems are cloudy and have a muted color when they are initially dug out of the earth. So, they are treated to bring out their best color. In the same way, several studies are ongoing to check the treatment of heat and its effect on amethyst stones. When exposed to a heat of 400℃ and above, they change color to shades of red, brown, or sometimes green.

Consider this when buying an amethyst ring to ensure you aren’t being handed one that does not have its natural color anymore.

Poorly cut stones have less value

According to engagement ring Brisbane, even if it has a brilliant color, a poorly cut amethyst stone will be of less value. That’s because different cuts indicate different aspects of various gemstones. So, when choosing an amethyst ring, look for a stone with a cut that enhances its color and style. Generally, amethysts can be cut into any possible shape, just like diamonds. In any case, ensure to pick a symmetrically cut stone with proper proportions.

Look for a high-clarity stone

To enjoy the best value for your money, choose an amethyst stone with the best clarity. A clearer stone with fewer blemishes will have more value. It will reflect light easily, adding to its brilliance and overall appearance. Even if such stones cost a bit more, they are worth investing in as amethysts can last for a long time. However, they may discolor if overexposed to the sun.

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Consider an amethyst engagement ring

Since it is the birthstone for February, amethyst engagement rings are popular among people with birthdays or weddings in this month. Also popularly called the “valentine’s gem,” amethyst rings have come to be identified as a symbol of love and loyalty among betrothed couples. They are also quite affordable. Another plus is that they can be paired with other stones such as diamonds, opal, or topaz, to name a few.

Reportedly, it also has calming properties that can keep you sober and, perhaps, make you more intuitive.

Find a ring setting that best suits you

Depending on the cut and size of the stone, find a ring setting that’s most comfortable for you. There is a wide range of modern designs, offbeat patterns, and vintage styles to choose from. If you are planning on wearing the ring at all times, consider getting a comfortable and convenient setting for you. The “prong” setting is most preferred for a classic, clean look. It is a relatively simple setting wherein approximately four to six prongs hold the stone.