Technology keeps changing at such a rapid rate that it keeps even the savviest on their toes. Each year, you find the marketing trends changing. Something that works brilliantly today becomes obsolete in no time. Thus, a digital marketing agency needs to keep a tab on the changing and upcoming trends to devise the right strategy.

Some of the digital marketing trends for 2020 are:

Era of Predictive Marketing

It’s a time when AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine learning) are being used big time to accumulate and analyse data and make predictive analysis. These technologies can take unstructured and unrelated data and figure out patterns from it which was not possible to do manually.

Taking the unstructured interactions and anticipating results help in predictive marketing.

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A good digital marketing agency in India makes use of these technologies to find things like identifying the most promising channel to convey message to prospective audience, figuring out the type of messages that should be sent and the time and sequence in which to deliver the messages based on the stage at which the prospective buyers are on the marketing funnel.

A good marketing strategy in 2020 should leverage predictive data like the consumers’ preferences, past purchase history and click-through behaviours while recommending or introducing new products and providing a good and personalized retail experience.

Big players like Amazon are already using it, but 2020 will see a lot of small players also implementing predictive marketing in their marketing strategies.

Opt for Smarter Ad Bidding Options

Ad earnings are a good revenue resource for Google and social platforms like Facebook. In 2019, the total earnings for Google from ads were $103.73B. Leveraging these platforms along with some in your niche is a good way to reach out to your prospective audience and it should be included in your marketing strategy.

Both Google and Facebook are always on a lookout to give the brands the best returns on placing their ads on their portals. Google is coming up with smart automated bidding, which includes Target ROAS (Return-On-Ad-Spend), target CPA (Cost-Per-Action), Enhanced CPC (Cost-Per-Click) and maximizing conversions.

The digital marketing company in Delhi you hire for the job should include such strategies in their campaigns.

Use of SEO-Structured Data

Getting traffic through organic efforts and normal SEO tactics is expected to decline in 2020. A study suggests that 40% of those in the age group of 13 to 18 are inclined towards finding what they want to view through rich snippets.

Google is already in the process of prioritizing visual search snippets that allow the person to get the information they are looking for faster and thus decide quickly which website to browse.

These rich snippets fall under Schema Markup and structured data. 2020 will see more use of it as it allows a user to make an informed click-through and thus the bounce rates go down.

More Interactive Email Experience

Emails have emerged as a time-tested marketing instrument giving a commendable ROI (Return on Investment). Data suggests that for every $1 that the companies spent on email marketing, there is an average return of $44.25, which is a phenomenal 4425%.

There is no other existing marketing mode that provides such amazing returns. 2020 will witness the marketing companies making this email experience more interactive.

It can be achieved by including dynamic content in the mails, thereby boosting the users’ engagement and enticing them to perform the desired action right from the emails.

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Earlier, emails directed the users to visit a page to perform the action, which leads to users deleting the mail or marking them as spam. The dynamic content included in the emails can be in the form of a survey, quiz, polls, add-to-calendar events, animated call-to-action-buttons etc.

Technology is ever evolving and it will be no different in 2020. The marketers will have to make an extra effort by including the latest trends in their strategies to reach out to the prospective audience appealingly and engagingly.

For anyone willing to accept changes and incorporate them with open minds, 2020 will be a great year in this volatile and complex world of digital marketing.