Remote working has been gaining popularity for years, but in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, the allure and need for remote career choices has exploded. If you want to continue working from home, a home coding job can be very appealing right now.

And it’s not just the current moment. If you enjoy understanding and solving a dilemma or obstacle, a coding career is probably your dream. If you want to create unique and engaging digital artwork, a career in creative technology may be for you, even for the long term. Most tech careers can be done remotely from anywhere in the world.


Web Application Development

 Web developers write the code that powers the front end and back end (what you don’t see) of websites and web applications. They are the “full stack” engineers that use front-end tools plus back-end programming languages like Ruby, Python, and PHP to do their work. The estimated salary is $78,849 per year. The skills mostly used crushes Break into Tech Blueprint and/or Skill crush Python for Web Apps & Data to visit website.

Remote positions open now:

  • Web Developer, Nylas
  • Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Developer, Punch pass
  • Senior Web Developer, Bucket list Rewards

Note that web developer roles often have more specific job titles than just “Web Developer,” so include the languages and frameworks you want to use on the job in your search terms while browsing job sites.

Corporate Web Design

Web designers both design and code websites that look great and work seamlessly on any device. Using design principles, HTML and CSS, and responsive design, web designers make sure you can access the info you need online and enjoy doing it. The estimated salary is $68,476 per year. The skills used crush Break into Tech Program.web design

Remote positions open now:

  • Marketing Content Creator – Designer, Simple Texting
  • Graphic Designer, Delta Dental Insurance
  • Graphic Designer, Helping

Front End Developer

 Front-end developers write the code for the parts of a website that you can see, like the text, buttons, animated icons, and other elements. Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, front-end developers create the code that controls the way a website looks and functions. The salary is $109,052 per year. Skills used crush Break into Tech Program, and/crush Front-End Developer course.

Remote positions open now:

JavaScript Developer

JavaScript developers specialize in using JavaScript and JS libraries and frameworks that make websites responsive in real time. They write code that functions as the logic of a website’s front end. JavaScript developers often specialize in a specific library or framework, like React JS. There is some crossover between front end developer, web developer, and JavaScript developer roles. Sometimes a role that requires mainly JS and JS frameworks will be listed as a “front end” or “web dev” job. The salary is $117,716 per year. The skills used to crush Front End Developer + React JavaScript course.

Remote positions open now:

  • React Developer, Bitovi
  • JavaScript Developer, Mercury Works
  • React JS Developer, WeAre8


Python Developer

The job: Python developers are some of the most in-demand pros in the tech world nowadays. They build web applications and create data visualizations for fields like scientific research, big data, machine learning, and finance. The salary is $119, 116 per year. The skills are crush Break into Tech Blueprint and/or crush Python for Web Apps & Data.

Remote positions open now:

  • Python/Django Developer, OneinaMil
  • Python Developer, Spire Law
  • Junior Python Developer, GTS