ChatGPT is the tip of the iceberg. It’s up to us educators to embrace Artificial Intelligence and use it to improve the future of education worldwide. This article introduces seven Artificial Intelligence websites that will change education forever.

Historical Figures

Historical Figures

Talk with famous thinkers from history. The app uses advanced A.I. technology to allow users to have conversations with over 20,000 historical figures from the past.

With this app, you can chat with deceased individuals who have made a significant impact on history from ancient rulers and philosophers, to modern day politicians and artists.

Simply select the historical figure you want to chat with and start a conversation.

You can learn about their life, their work, and their impact on the world in a fun and interactive way.

The AI is designed to provide you with a realistic conversation experience, making it feel like you’re really talking to these historical figures. So why not give it a try and step into the past today with Historical Figures.

Talk to Books

Curated book search. Give it a question, it returns multiple quotes from Google’s library of 10,000+ books.

  • Not a traditional search: Use this demo as a creativity tool to explore ideas and discover books by getting quotes that respond to your queries.
  • Use natural language: Speaking to it in sentences will often get better results than keywords. That’s because the AI is trained on human conversations.
  • Play with it: Try sample queries then try your own. Experiment with different wording to see how it changes the results.



Convert text to Google Sheets or Excel formulas. Even does VBA coding.

Ditch the tedious formula writing and let AI do the work for you. Transform your text to accurate Excel formulas & Google Sheets formulas within seconds and save up to 80% of your time working with spreadsheets.

Convert Text to Google Sheets and Excel Formulas

Simply input a description of the formula you require and the AI will generate it accurately within seconds.

No more struggling to remember complex formulas or spending hours trying to create them from scratch.

Get Explanations For Any Formula

Get instant, expert explanations for any Excel or Google Sheets formula.

Simply input your formula, and the AI assistant will provide step-by-step breakdowns and explanations of how each component of the formula works and what it does.


The website summarizes long articles to save hours of research.


Bearly AI is an AI-powered research app that augments your:

  • Reading (retain more knowledge)
  • Writing (write 10x faster) And you can access the tool in the most convenient way possible. 

If you read and write everyday, Bearly will save you 10+ work hours a month by giving you an AI boost whenever you need it.

Artificial Intelligence education


Generate high-quality essays with the help of an AI assistant.


Use your notes and highlights to generate custom summaries.

Glasp is a social web highlighter that people can use to highlight and organize quotes and ideas from the web without switching back and forth between screens, and access other like-minded people’s learning at the same time. Leave your digital legacy for humanity, while working for yourself.

  • Highlight & Add Notes: Curate what you resonate with on the web to train your personalized AI models.
  • Summarize with AI: It’s a personalized summary based on your highlights and notes!
  • Paste into Note Apps: Seamless export with Markdown format. Readwise integration is supported.
  • Show Your Learning: Share your Glasp profile via URL. The byproduct of your learning helps other people.


Short answers to any question, with citations included for further research. AI-powered search. Perplexity AI is an answer engine that delivers accurate answers to complex questions using large language models.

We have highlighted many websites and apps that use Artificial Intelligence websites that will change education and the way we teach and do homework forever. Let us know your comments in the section below.